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CDC Renewal Form

Download the CDC Renewal form @ M.S. Notice 24 of 2012 Dated 04.12.2012 . To me CDC renewal form is self explanatory. It covers not only CDC Renewal but also duplicate and lost CDC replacement procedure. Listing down important points

  1. No need of attestation by Gazetted Officer, Self attestation accepted on copies of your documents.
  2. Do not forget to write your Full name and date of self attestation.
  3. Use only CAPITAL LETTERS while filling your CDC Renewal form.
  4. Avoid over-writing !
  5. Fill & send only page number 4 to 8 (first 3 instruction pages are for self reference)
  6. Write on top left hand of the envelope (containing documents/CDC renewl form) in BLOCK LETTERS Replacement/Duplicate/Revalidation of CDC as required.
  7. No fees levied for revalidation of CDC (CDC Sticker).
  8. Write your name on the reverse of your photograph.
  9. Send the application by Registered / Speed post / Courier service to the Shipping Master (from where CDC was obtained i.e. Mumbai/Kolkata/Chennai, address given in the CDC Renewal form)
  10. Documents required for CDC Renewal is detailed in Section II (A) of the CDC Renewal Form
Personal experience while applying for CDC renewal were :
I copied all the filled and printed pages of CDC.
All documents list send by me attached below.
Kept the documents list simple, did not add covering letter or next of kin details (advised by few shipping companies)
You can download my CDC Renewal form filled for reference.
I chose Speed post for sending my duly filled CDC Renewal Form. CDC Renewal Form

JAHAJEE | 9 months ago | 5 HELPFUL | REPLY
  • What is 9. Copy of profile registration?

    pratap.sssp | 7 months ago | HELPFUL | REPLY
  • Copy of Profile registration is the complete printout of your e-samudra DG Shipping Seafarer Profile.

    JAHAJEE | 7 months ago | 1 HELPFUL | REPLY
  • It is mentioned on the CDC Renewal form that passport size photograph is to be affixed on the  application.... but  it also  says 3 nos. of  2.5x3cm stamp size photos are to be enclosed, one of which is to be affixed on the application what is the exact  thing to be done.... pls reply urgently

    Moses.Dmello | 3 months ago | 1 HELPFUL | REPLY
  • FORM - B >> II. >> A >> (i)
    3  stamp size photographs in white shirt (size 3 cm x 2.5 cm) -  one should be affixed on the application form.
    This confused me too. I did the following

    1. Affixed 1 passport size photo (3.5 cm X 3.5 cm)
    2. Put 3 stamp size photo (3 cm X 2.5 cm) in envelope
    3. Wrote name on reverse of 3 stamp size photograph

    Would recommend you to download my filled CDC renewal form for better understanding. Best of luck

    JAHAJEE | 3 months ago | 1 HELPFUL | REPLY
  • also kindly advice, can I apply for renewal OF cdc even-though the period to expire the validity is almost 9 months... or in other words, I want to know should we apply for renewal after the CDC validity is expires or  before to that... if  before then what is the  early period ( 1 year/ six months )

    Moses.Dmello | 3 months ago | HELPFUL | REPLY
  • I lost all circular reference since DG Shipping website changed hence cannot link it. I read somewhere its 6 months before expiry but I am sorry as I am unsure, please consult for exact data.

    JAHAJEE | 3 months ago | HELPFUL | REPLY
  • Good day J,
    I find in your list of enclosures, there is no mention of the Medical Fitness Certificate. Please confirm if this is required for CDC renewal (sticker) application. TX.

    1 User reported
    Others (Confusing others).

    bmtarun | 4 days ago | HELPFUL | REPLY
  • Dear friend, it is not mentioned in the form and hence is not added in enclosure, so you do not need it !

    Sorry to ask but why did you have such doubt ?

    JAHAJEE | 4 days ago | HELPFUL | REPLY
  • Good day J,
    Thank you for your prompt response. I will send my application for re-validation (sticker) with enclosures as per your list. There was some confusion, as the instructions for filling and sending Form B, did not require the STCW course cert. copies also, for re-validation of CDC. Instruction II (A), in link below.
    Will keep you updated with the outcome. TX.

    bmtarun | 3 days ago | HELPFUL | REPLY

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