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Mariner's Guide to DC Endorsement at MMD Mumbai

Hi ! I got my DCE today and I thought it would be helpful if i put up a guide.

  1. Always carry all your certificates at all time !!!And if possible, carry your laptop/iPhone/iPad ;-)
  2. If you are planning to do both Oil and Chemical and gas endorsement, you cant do them together.
  3. First u have to finish oil and then once u get certificate and then chemical and then Gas !!!
  4. Always wear formals at MMD Mumbai. You will be denied entry if you are not in formals !!
  5. First you need to go to and register - 'Seafarers Registration'
  6. Take a print out of the registration number. They will say the password will be send to your email. Dont bother. It will never come.
  7. Go to old MMD Mumbai with that (Its near Income Tax offce,Churchgate) . You may have to keep asking people where exactly it is, coz its a bit confusing.
  8. Now go to second floor and give your Application number along with CDC passport.
  9. They will verify the details and send you an email.
    With that, go to and Update seafarer profile. you will see that option as soon as u sign in. U will have to fill up a lot of stuff.
  10. Now take a print out of all the pages in it.(Take two print outs if u r going for Chemical as well).
  11. Go to a nearby shop and buy green color paper cover(ones with thread inside it, enough to fit A4 size paper)
  12. Next day go to Nav Bhavan(New MMD Mumbai; Not Jahaz Bhavan ; Near to Jahaz Bavan) from 1000 - 1130.
  13. Collect the forms from first floor.(For an example to see what the forms are, download them from - No 8,9,10).There will be a challan along with it. Fill it.
  14. Bank charges are 45 Rs and Endorsement charges are 1000 Rs).
  15. Fill it up as per checklist enclosed. Arrange it in the same order as in check list. But keep challan and photo in the front.
  16. Ensure that you write you name,mobile number,email and house address.Write Oil/Chemical/Gas DCE(DECK) on top of the cover.
  17. Also write you application number and registration number. Application number is the one which u got when you registered online for the DCE application. Registration number is the one you got beginning when you first registered at MMD site.
  18. Now submit at the box in front.There will be a lady who collects the application.
  19. Now next working day, sometime around 1200 login at and there will be an option to check the status. If it says certificate issued , you are good to go. Anyway be at first floor of the same office at 1600. There will be a room and inside that they will start handing over the application.Collect the application and stand in the queue and acknowledge that you have received.

Thats it ! You are done !!!
Special thanks to Mr.Rishi for requesting me to post this

Tom Alex | 2 years ago| REPLY
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    It has been sometime since I done this. Can anybody confirm if the procedure is still the same ?

    Tom Alex | 2 years ago | REPLY
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    Hello sir,
    i will follow your advice for DC chem, i am trying to give the initial info for registration, it says passport no already exists and cannot go any further, please advice. Also in your point 8 you say go to 2nd floor and give your application number, how do we get this, especially when we never recieve the email with the registration confirmation.

    Thanks & Rgrds,

    Fahim bhombal | 8 months ago | REPLY
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    Will be trying out all the above procedures next month sometime. Though i have tried to register with the MMD site, it says pp number already exists, i have never registered on the MMD site so i do not know why the message is coming, calling up MMD is a waste of time.
    So have just removed the first word from the pp number and have got the registration number. hopefully they will be able to update it at MMD mumbai when i submit my documents for verification. Lets see, will keep you guys posted with the developments

    Fahim bhombal | 8 months ago | REPLY
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    THere does not seem to be any option for printing the documents like on the dg shipping website?? how do we take the print outs??

    Fahim bhombal | 8 months ago | REPLY

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