eSamudra IE Problem


Trust you know that eSamudra works only on Internet Explorer, but perhaps their programmers made it specific to some particular version only! Error "For better performance you are advised to use Internet Explorer" have been found when trying to update esamudra profile with IE 11.

Possible solution is :

  1. Use compatibilty mode in Internet Explorer
  2. try 1 version older than the present Internet Explorer.
For records I made my DG Shipping profile using IE 8 and even tested it successfully on IE 9 & IE 10. eSamudra IE Problem

Rishi Kashyap | 1 year ago | REPLY
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    Please Note- Seafarer Profile Update as of now is not work on Internet Explorer version 11 & other browsers
    but it will run on Internet Explorer 10 & below

    As of now currently the new servers of Esamudra are very unstable & Hangs too often due to the shifting of DG Shipping Office from Mumbai to Kanjurmarg. This will be fixed soon.

    Also old DG Shipping Site- www.dgshipping.com is terminated around mid Nov. 2013.

    I hope the above information will be helpful.

    Abhay Singh | 1 year ago | REPLY
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    You can use Esamudra with Google Chrome by tweaking its user-agent setting. Thanks to Tom Alex for sharing this tutorial.fileEsamudra on google Chrome (zip)  [466 KB] 

    Rishi Kashyap | 10 months ago | REPLY

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