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kindly post about shan ship management.
they are offering me join as 2e for fareast shipping comapny,which is also ism manager.
is it advisable to join.i will sign contract with shan ship mgmt having rpsl no.201.will i get sea time etc.

Shehbaz ansari | 12 months ago| REPLY
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    Shan Ship Management like you know has a valid RPSL and not expiring soon. Any sea-time issued by RPSL company will be counted.

    Confirm from them the vessel is more than the required GT/BHP for sea-time calculation and FG. Since we do not have anymore information about the company so nobody has graded this company experience yet. Which ship and type are you joining with Shan Ship Management ?

    Rishi Kashyap | 12 months ago | REPLY
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    Thank you very is 1L dwt crude oil tanker...
    Querry is ism managers only issue watch keeping my case shan is recruiting and fareast is ism manager..certificate will carry fareast ship management name..hence will that valid???

    Shehbaz ansari | 11 months ago | REPLY
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    Humm ...never heard such thing !! OK I am not sure ...sorry but what I always knew was that sea-time certificate from RPSL approved company is accepted. So if Doehle denautic has manned you for KOTC or Oyster mans you for NITC your seatime is valid even though both KOTC and NITC does not exist in DG shipping shipping company lists. That's how it has always been !!

    Rishi Kashyap | 11 months ago | REPLY

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