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My own Social media buttons


For years I used addthis services for social media buttons and am still satisfied with their great service, however there were few problems:

  1. Difficult to modify Social media buttons
    Addthis easily places social buttons on website, however I found it difficult to modify (float, fix the buttons) to sync with my website design.
  2. More server calls and hence more pageload time
    For every social media button, my webpages used to call Addthis and then later required media buttons like Facebook, G+ etc. Recently when facebook like buttons were having problems, the page was taking few minutes to load completely creating terrible user experience. I decided to switch to text only Social media buttons then.
  3. Most users still copy URL and share
    My Addthis analytic showed that 80% viewers copied url for sharing, perhaps because sharing buttons were at bottom of content. I placed those buttons way down for better user experience, as told before.  
  4. Social media buttons were bad for SEO
    Social buttons could be placed anywhere on website but for better design some extra div needs to be created. While search engines ignored the Javascript, these extra divs pushed the content down. To avoid this and better SEO I always placed the Social media buttons after the content.
  5. Not crazy about social media popularity count
    I am not crazy how many shares/likes an article got. Any content which gets popular will drive more traffic for that page and I could always track its progress through Server log Analytic. Just check the page and referrer, this makes those count absolute numbers nothing much !

    I wanted to remove 3rd party dependency & switch to "share" buttons with text link for better pageload, better SEO and better sharing, so I created my own customized Social media buttons in Javascript with few favorite service.

Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT