I received this mail from someone and with his permission I am posting this mail so that everyone remains aware of Non-DG Approved Colleges. I do not intend to say that these colleges are Genuine / fraud but they do have more restrictions than DG approved Colleges.
I am sorry, but I admit that I did not know what to reply. I thought for hours and did replied to him what seemed best to my knowledge (added below the mail) but I request your suggestion too so that others facing the same problem may have better answers which is beneficial to all. For privacy reasons I am removing the senders details.

Hello sir, i am XXXXX from XXXXX. I have done my 10th from XXXXX with 92% marks in 2008 and 12th from XXXXX with 55.67% in pcm. I have done stcw 95, 5 basic safety courses from XXXXX. Sir jee, actually i have been cheated 1.5 lakh rupees by a fraud academy called " SEAWORLD MARINE ACADEMY RANCHI ". This is not a DG Shipping approved academy. At that time i did not know about dgs and all. It took an entrance exam, sent me a joining letter congratulating me that i have been selected there for the course of deck cadet. I remain there for 4 months in the name of pre sea training but actually it was nothing. Then i was sent XXXXX for stcw 5 basic courses. And now this academy is demanding 2 lakh rupees more for placement. Suggest me what to do next, i am very depressed these days and always controlling my mind from doing 'SOMETHING NOT GOOD'. Now you are my only hope.
Please suggest me what to do next and IS IT REALLY POSSIBLE TO GET ON BOARD TRAINING (job) WITH STCW Certificate and PANAMAIAN CDC. I am waiting for your reply.

My reply
      Firstly stop thinking/doing "SOMETHING NOT GOOD". I am really sorry to hear about you. For sure your college SEAWORLD MARINE ACADEMY is not DGS approved and I believe by this time you know that neither is your course. I really do not know whether your college have any foreign collaboration or not (most of these colleges speak of training procedure as per some other country)...Most DG Shipping approved Companies will not be able to send you onboard since you are not having Indian training certificate. All your STCW Certificates is valid though. Of course these companies might be able to send you on Panamian ships but the chances are very very very bleak.

     Secondly We made this site to prevent recurrence of such incidence and keep the kids informed. Since you did not inquire about Merchant Navy or the college before, We can advise you only 3 options

  1. You can try applying personally in all Merchant Navy recruiting company. You see, in India there are already hundreds of seafarers awaiting there chance with full valid certificates so this option is the toughest (Highlight your 10 marks to them). Remain assured you will also find plenty Shipping agents like the one you have met before, who will ask some cash for job, stay away from them !

  2. Rather then giving the 2 lakhs to someone, invest in getting some valid DGS approved maritime course from some DG Shipping approved College. The problem with this option is, you still will be in the same situation after the course just that with a valid certificate. You will add to another seafarer awaiting chance.

  3. Now this is easily said then done, but forget everything ....Come On yaar you are talking as if you are 50 years old ...My friend open your eyes you scored 92 % in 10th, yaar itna toh I never scored in my full Career...Your 12th marks ain't that bad too and you can still pursue further studies ....invest the money in that....I know this is strange but believe me luckily your time was not much wasted (I have met a guy who wasted 3 years in it ). You have just passed 12th in 2010 only.
Do not run after quick money pursue your studies and get a job you have full life ahead of you and probably when you have settled well, you can look back at these times and learn from them.

Hope XXXXX I was helpful in some sense. I request your permission to post this mail without your details (without Name, address and school) so that people know about such " Fraud colleges ".
Please do not worry, have faith in yourself.
   Do reply back soon
Best regards and wishing you a very very bright future

Rishi Kashyap | 5 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
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    dear sir,

    SEAWORLD MARINE ACADEMY is a very good navy training gives many placement in deck cadet.
    i know this college very much.this college is working  8 years and gives many placement.SEAWORLD MARINE ACADEMY ranchi.all the matter student says is wrong.

    Anand kumar | 5 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
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    dear sir,

    SEAWORLD MARINE ACADEMY is a very good navy training gives many placement in deck cadet.
    i know this college very much.this college is working  8 years and gives many placement.SEAWORLD MARINE ACADEMY ranchi.all the matter student says is wrong.SEAWORLD MARINE ACADEMY gives many placement in india and other countru.more information visit website .

    Rajkishore pandey | 5 years ago | EDIT | REPLY

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