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eSamudra online seafarer registration & printout problem


After completing my DG shipping online seafarer registration, I found my name shown incorrectly in esamudra profile and felt like dropping a bomb on eSamudra server. I was even unable to take the printout. Since CDC renewal form was to be submitted by post, contacting any MMD was out of question.

I prayed for 2 long days, kept fast for a day and finally God helped me. On 2nd day, it miraculously started working ;-). Found DG Shipping profile printout to be correct. Infact its the DG shipping esamudra printout which matters.

Possible solution is still same :

  1. Try after few hours or Day
  2. If you need your Profile printout immediately for any reason contact DG Shipping
    Tel. :91-22-22613651
    Tel. :91-22-22643036 (Helpdesk for DG Shipping website)
  3. Contact concerned MMD and tell them the problem, they do entertain/process your request knowing how eSamudra is !
Best of luck, I hope you patiently complete your esamudra profile, hic !

Rishi Kashyap | 6 years ago | EDIT