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    4 eSamudra Problems ?


    Creating your eSamudra DG Shipping profile is mandatory as per DG Shipping, and I did create my DG Shipping esamudra profile during my Master examination and later updated the dg shipping profile during renewal of CDC, trust me eSamudra is a nuisance ! It tests your patience to its "yield point" and when it breaks, you will find yourself taking deep breath and counting from 1 to 100 for anger management.

    Its pages are not only confusing but also have inbuilt problems. As I write this, esamudra is not opening again, making me wonder how many Indian Seafarers are frustrated right now. Jotting 4 most common eSamudra problems and possible remedy for successful DG Shipping profile completion.4 eSamudra Problems

    Rishi Kashyap | 3 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
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      respected sir,
         i have a ship to board on 10 jan before that i have to update my profile and have to submit the printout to the office. Iam preety much worried because i have been trying to access e-samudra link since last 2 weeks and i have failed every time. what do you suggest i should do.

      Devendra Singh | 3 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
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      Contact DG Shipping and also inform your company about the esamudra profile updation problems. Do not think that you can do much ;-(

      Rishi Kashyap | 3 years ago | EDIT | REPLY

    X eSamudra Server issue

    Most of the time eSamudra website will just not open ! Either Server is not found(404 error) or there is Internal Server (500 error). The problem has increased since DG Shipping shifted to new website. It happened during my Indian CDC renewal too. Since its server issue, no external entity can help you until DG Shipping guys repair that !

    Possible solution

    1. Try after few hours or Day (trust me it takes them long time !)
    2. If you need your Profile printout immediately for any reason contact DG Shipping at
      Tel. :91-22-22613651
      Tel. :91-22-22643036 (Helpdesk for DG Shipping website)
    3. Contact concerned MMD and tell them the problem, most of the times they do entertain/process your request.
    4. If everything fails, take a deep breath, relax, be patient, go grab a beer & message me to join you ;-)
    eSamudra Server issue

    Rishi Kashyap | 3 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
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      Notice regarding shifting of old DG Servers from Kanjurmarg to New Delhi.......10 more days of non- working told by DG Shipping Officials.......count it 15 days from now..........but I have to admit new site looks more colourful, hope after its shifting is completed it will work as butter......!!JAHAJEE

      Abhay Singh | 3 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
    X DG Shipping login problem

    What if you forget your DG Shipping login credential ?
    Esamudra creates your profile with INDOS Number as your default DG Shipping Login ID and password as your Indos Number followed by "1". So if you never changed your password, it should still be same.

    If you changed your password then try "Forgot Password" below the DG Shipping Login button. Enter your User ID & Email id. eSamudra will send the Login credentials to your registered email account. You can try multiple times if you forgot the email id too, do not worry they do not block your account.

    If still everything fails then contact DG Shipping
    Tel. : 91-22-25752040 or 25752282 (e-governance cell, try calling after 11 AM)
    Tel. : 91-22-22613651
    Tel. : 91-22-22643036 (Helpdesk for DG Shipping website)
    Email :

    They will reset your DG Shipping Login credentials.  DG Shipping login problem

    Rishi Kashyap | 3 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
      X eSamudra IE Problem

      Trust you know that eSamudra works only on Internet Explorer, but perhaps their programmers made it specific to some particular version only! Error "For better performance you are advised to use Internet Explorer" have been found when trying to update esamudra profile with IE 11.

      Possible solution is :

      1. Use compatibilty mode in Internet Explorer
      2. try 1 version older than the present Internet Explorer.
      For records I made my DG Shipping profile using IE 8 and even tested it successfully on IE 9 & IE 10.eSamudra IE Problem

      Rishi Kashyap | 3 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
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        You can use Esamudra with Google Chrome by tweaking its user-agent setting. Thanks to Tom Alex for sharing this tutorial.Esamudra on google Chrome (zip) [465.63 KB]

        Rishi Kashyap | 2 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
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        Recently when I did my GMDSS Renewal, I realised that I did not explain the use of compatibility mode of Internet Explorer. Like I said before DG Shipping profile will work with Internet Explorer version 7,8, 9 and 10. To know which version you are using
        Click "Setting" >> "About Internet Explorer"
        The popup opened will show you the version of your IE. To use the compatibility mode of IE (in simple terms making it to a lower version like IE 8 or IE 9)

        1. Press F12 to open Developer toolbar
        2. Click EMULATION
        3. Under Mode >> Document Mode change it to 8 or 9
        Once done you should be able to use the esamudra Profile on new version of Internet Explorer too.  JAHAJEE

        Rishi Kashyap | 1 year ago | EDIT | REPLY
      X eSamudra online seafarer registration & printout problem

      After completing my DG shipping online seafarer registration, I found my name shown incorrectly in esamudra profile and felt like dropping a bomb on eSamudra server. I was even unable to take the printout. Since CDC renewal form was to be submitted by post, contacting any MMD was out of question.

      I prayed for 2 long days, kept fast for a day and finally God helped me. On 2nd day, it miraculously started working ;-). Found DG Shipping profile printout to be correct. Infact its the DG shipping esamudra printout which matters.

      Possible solution is still same :

      1. Try after few hours or Day
      2. If you need your Profile printout immediately for any reason contact DG Shipping
        Tel. :91-22-22613651
        Tel. :91-22-22643036 (Helpdesk for DG Shipping website)
      3. Contact concerned MMD and tell them the problem, they do entertain/process your request knowing how eSamudra is !
      Best of luck, I hope you patiently complete your esamudra profile, hic !

      Rishi Kashyap | 3 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
      We are updating, some features may not work !
      Please leave a feedback if you face any problem.