About jahajee.com and Rishi Kashyap

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About jahajee.com and Rishi Kashyap


JAHAJEE.com is not affiliated to any Maritime administration.
JAHAJEE.com is not affiliated to any Maritime College.
JAHAJEE.com is not affiliated to any Shipping Company.

JAHAJEE.com is result of discussion between two Chanakyites as to why isn't there any Merchant Navy website where mariner's can post their MMD / MCA Orals question and in return get list of desired Questions / Answers. It all started hence and within a span of few years we added more features to this Portal.

Hi, I am Rishi Kashyap, with the help of many mariners whom I sincerely thank, for their feedback, have made this website. The "JEE" in JAHAJEE is to mark the respect I have for all Merchant Navy Seafarers and their family. Having experienced 10 Years of Merchant Navy Life since passing out of Maritime College - T. S. Chanakya, this website is my humble effort to thank Merchant Navy Industry and people in general.
I am a sailing Merchant Navy Officer. I work on this Website to help mariners and those willing to join Merchant Navy.

This website is not my blog! JAHAJEE.com is made in a forum like fashion so that everyone can contribute to it. I have left this forum Community moderated ! Please feel free to share your knowledge in here.
I would not mind you leaving back-links of your website if it also accompanies useful tutorial or your own experience, however I always advise to concentrate on your website than wasting time in collecting back-links. I generally avoid moderating contents but do not be surprised if I delete few posts finding them irrelevant.

I was born and brought up at Dhanbad, India where I still reside.
I am a Graduate in Bsc Nautical Science.
I do not have any formal Computer or Software training. I know basics of HTML, PHP, javascript and both added AJAX , MySQL and CSS. I learned most of these languages from books and internet tutorials written by wonderful people.
I am an SEO expert and do freelance SEO consultancy. While I loathe frameworks, I found wordpress really interesting ! I learned wordpress in a freelance SEO project and am a Wordpress plugin developer and theme developer !

This website is hand coded in PHP. I still prefer to write things manually than use any popular Content Management System (CMS). It is run on Linux platform. I do my photo editing jobs in Open Source Program GIMP and use FIRESHOT to capture screen-shots. I test my website on Firefox mainly because of the Add-ons and recommend using Firefox for best performance.

We are proud of following creations

  1. jahajee.com
  2. Stock Market Course
  3. CAGR Calculator
We have plans to keep improving this website every year with better services and features.

You can contact me by snail mail at
Dhanbad Post Office,
Jharkhand ,

or email me at : feedback@jahajee.com

Please include your relevant contact details when contacting us. We adhere to our Privacy Policy when resolving all correspondence.About jahajee com and Rishi Kashyap


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