Stock market course tutorial

Welcome to this Stock Market course tutorial, covering Share Market basics for beginners, Value Investing and Growth Investing methods in very simple language for beginners and experts equally.

The reason we created this stock market course online was because tutorials available on internet seemed filled with too many Stock market jargons and financial ratios which, to us, seemed like complicating the simple investment philosophy of Value Investing and Growth Investing.

Before we proceed, let me tell you what this Stock Market Course is NOT :
  1. This stock market course online is not a get rich quick training
  2. It is not about intra-day trading which boasts of few thousands per day
  3. It does not involve Technical Analysis and certainly no complicated charts
  4. It is not filled with complicated Investing words

So what is this Stock Market Course about :
  1. Basics of Investments
  2. Life style changes for Financial Independence at a comfortable age
  3. Value Investing - Calculating and buying undervalued Stocks
  4. Growth Investing - Passive Income by doing nothing !

Important note about this Stock Market Course

Shares name mentioned in case studies are for educational purpose only and not to be taken as recommendations. Case study stocks may have been good investment at that moment of time which may have changed at the time of reading.
Please learn to value a share before buying or consult a good Investment advisor.
Rishi kashyap is not a certified Financial advisor, please contact your Investment advisor if you do not know investing.

We have deliberately kept some time duration in few chapters. Some opinions may seem too personal, absurd and contrary to common worldly wisdom, bear with me all will start to make sense and let me assure you at the end of this stock market course, perhaps, you too will find some answers to the age old questions through Investment.

Lets start !!
Stock Market Course


Crash course on frequently used jargons of Stock Market
ChapterApprox reading timeTime Limit
Share Market basics for beginners
  1. What are Shares in a company
  2. What is Stock market exchange NSE and BSE
  3. Important Financial intermediaries of stock market
  4. Demat and Trading account
  5. What is Sensex and Nifty
  6. Bull Market vs Bear Market
  7. Small Cap vs Mid Cap vs Large Cap Stocks
  8. Stock Trading vs Stock Investing
  9. CNC vs MIS
  10. Fundamental and Technical analysis
  11. What is Mutual Fund
  12. Few other Stock market investing and trading jargons
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Why Share price rise and fall
Only 1 reason in the long run !
Coming soonComing soonComing soon
Value Investing vs Growth Investing
Buying Cheap vs buying expensive
Coming soonComing soonComing soon
CAGR or Compund interest simplified & Rule of 72
You know Compound interest but don't understand it !
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Crash course on Personal Finance and my apologies !
ChapterApprox reading timeTime Limit
How much money do you need to retire ?
Financial independence, your ENOUGH !
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You are rich !
Lets enjoy lets party !
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Getting rich simplified
Compound Interest revisited ! You thought it was about the Interest rate ??
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Why are you investing ?
NO, It isn't "Obviously for money !"
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Best stocks to buy today ?
Inflation is not the culprit, its YOU !
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My apologies for this section
Why this Kolaveri, Kolaveri di !
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Crash course on finding undervalued companies !
ChapterApprox reading timeTime Limit
Reading basic financial statement of company
It is not that hard !
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8 Financial ratios - Fundamental analysis for value investingComing soonComing soonComing soon
How to Value share before buyingComing soonComing soonComing soon
Rejecting Shares in 2 minutes - Some basic rulesComing soonComing soonComing soon
Low PE ratio Shares to invest
Start here but don't follow blindly !
Coming soonComing soonComing soon
Don't use Stop Loss !
What ??? I mean learn from your loss !
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Probability of earning in Share investment
Like life, stock investment is not exact science
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Find high dividend yield stocks to invest
Don't ignore dividend !
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Stock Traders follow Stock Investors
Isn't it obvious !
Coming soonComing soonComing soon
If stock market investing is so easy why is not everyone successful ?
Its your habits !
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Crash course on growing companies !
ChapterApprox reading timeTime Limit
Good companies vs great companies
Value Investing vs growth Investing
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3 Financial ratios for Growth Investing
Breaking our Value Investing rules
Coming soonComing soonComing soon
Predicting future of your share investment
Share Investment is simple, not easy
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Dividend growth Investing and your dividend yield calculation
Planning to live on dividend !
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Investment ideas by looking around
Common Sense Investing
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etc. etc. ....
ChapterApprox reading timeTime Limit
Are Investors spiritual ! Living frugal and living it !
Where is that Car ?
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Must read investment books
Know more than your teacher - Read and learn, read and learn !
Coming soonComing soonComing soon
Good Investment habits from successful investors
They do not live your dream life ?
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Investment and fooled by luck
If you invested 10,000 BS !
Coming soonComing soonComing soon
Why I started investing directly
You don't impress me much !
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10 ways I find Shares
Stay foolish, stay wealthy ! Be you, not me !
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FAQ to me about shares
  1. Kashyap is Shares gambling ?
  2. Kashyap why are you investing ?
  3. Kashyap have you traded in stocks
  4. Kashyap what are your biggest mistake in Investment
  5. Kashyap do you believe in Share Recommendation
  6. Kashyap how did you become financial independent
  7. Kashyap what about Crypto currency and other investment options ?
  8. Kashyap your views on Share Market where will it be in 6 months ?
  9. Kashyap you know Share investment is an art not science
Coming soonComing soonComing soon
Calculating risk when that day comes ! Coming soonComing soonComing soon