How much money do you need to retire ?

How much money do you need in your entire life ?
I told "You can fill how much money do you need to retire in the final amount of CAGR Calculator" and the expected amount told by many students made me realize that they need help with this question !
I do not blame them, this is not an easy question, not taught anywhere too and can never have an exact answer because of surprises of life !
How much money do you need to retire

In merchant navy we have a beautiful quote
There is no favourable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go.
Till you do not know how much do you need to retire, you can never know how much you need to invest !
So before we start this stock market course, lets try to find approximately how much you need for early financial independence !

While this page may give you a greater insight, it can never be accurate, for obvious reasons : Only you know it !

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How much money do you need to retire early ?
  1. Use below form to calculate an approximate amount of money required in your life time !
  2. Your Currency - Select your currency for calculating your retirement amount !
  3. Expense details - Write expense details your regular / one time expense details in the text box
  4. Expense amount - Choose the expense frequency (ONE TIME, MONTHLY or YEARLY) and write "Expense amount" basis selected frequency.
  5. Duration / Year - For MONTHLY or YEARLY expense, select the expected expense duration e.g. all through your life or only few years from now ! For ONE TIME expense, select the expected YEAR when that expense will occur
  6. Expense total - Automatically calculates basis your expense frequency, amount and duration options. This is the total expense expected in your lifetime for the selected "Expense details"
  7. Recommended Expenses - Select from frequently selected Expenses details for faster calculations !
  8. Save records - Compare your calculated retirement amount with changing time !
  9. This form is SIMPLE and does not include "Inflation". While inflation is a real thing but trying to be extremely accurate in your calculation is futile ! Anyways we have discussed Inflation in details in Best stocks to buy today !

Your currency

Expense details Expense amount Duration / Year Expense total

Expense Duration

Expense Duration

Expense Duration

Expense Duration
Recommended Expenses

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Total amount needed to retire


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