e-samudra, DG Shipping Seafarer profile registration


Register & complete your e-Samudra seafarer profile. Completing your DG Shipping Seafarer profile, is mandatory as per DG Guidelines. Same is also required for Dangerous Cargo endorsement.
I made my DG Shipping profile during Master exams @ e-Samudra dg shipping seafarer registration. While updating, I was confused about Passport number as my Passport was renewed. E-Samudra has many problems on of which is that it does not allow you to delete any previous records so I simply added my new Passport details. Rest I updated few old data and my seafarer profile was complete. You will be asked to recheck again prior taking final printout. You need to submit your profile printout too with the documents required for CDC renewal.

Please note you can do CDC renewal online now ! MMD has started rejecting application sent through post. Please check CDC renewal online
e samudra DG Shipping Seafarer profile registration  

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    Hello Sir,
    While filling up seafarer registration form on DG Shipping website. I Clicked "Seafarer Registration" then i entered my INDoS no. and Date Of Birth on the other page which opened up and clicked continue, then on the other page few of my details were already there like "Nationality, Identification Mark, Gender, Place of Birth and Name(under application details)".

    Here my problem arises, all of the given details were correct except my name, it showed "sss" instead of "Kashif Bashir Malvankar".
    When I fill my personal details it shows "First Name not found in Name as above" and i am unable to submit.

    Sir please guide me how can i correct my name in DG shipping website.
    Waiting for your reply comment,
    Thank You.

    Kashif Malvankar | 2 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
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    @Kashif7707 please check "Click to view and print your profile" on top of the e-samudra Seafarer Profile page after you have logged in. Hopefully that should show your name correctly.
    In my case while the profile page does not show my last name the printout page shows it correctly !

    If problem still persists then you may try

    1. Contact DG Shipping, hopefully they should guide you well.
    2. The Seafarer Profile page says "Contact concerned Shipping Master Office" for updating of permanent address ! You can try contacting him even for correction of your name perhaps.

    Please do share your experience on how you corrected the same.

    Rishi Kashyap | 2 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
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    hello sir...Good day.
    i am thankful to you for your kind service which is really very helpful .
    i applied for my CDC Renewal and it got rejected 2 times already i am not able to fill out the profile on e-samudra as it always shows a internal server error 500. and sometimes when it opens and after filling up all details i submit it shows again that error and i cant update my profile. I tried it from various PC in cyber cafe but its of no use . I tried to contact DG shipping on phone and email but no use nobody care to answer it. my joining has been cancelled already because i couldnt get it done . can somebody help me and tell me what should i do . please

    Narendra Ratnu | 2 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
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    Friend I just wrote common eSamudra problems and their possible solution. I hope those solutions help you too.

    While you cannot do much for 500 error as its their server issue but for other problems I think you check the printout page as same happened with me during my DG shipping online seafarer registration too, but the printouts were OK. Best of Luck.

    Rishi Kashyap | 2 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
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    Hi Sir, my CDC expired on 06/8/2012,can I renew CDC or do i need to apply for a new one ?

    Pawan Pundeer | 1 year ago | EDIT | REPLY
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    You cannot apply for "new" CDC as new CDC is only issued by DG Shipping to someone who never had any prior CDC (Please check Declaration of CDC Renewal Form).

    You need to apply for CDC Renewal and if you have enough pages then apply for CDC renewal sticker. Best of luck.

    Rishi Kashyap | 1 year ago | EDIT | REPLY

Rishi Kashyap