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3 Affiliate marketing problems

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    3 Affiliate marketing problems


    While affiliate marketing helps publishers to make money online using affiliate advertising tools like Links, banners and search bars, they certainly are not easy! Every publisher faces these 3 common Affiliate advertising problems while promoting any affiliated product.

    1. Separate Content writing
      If you are using Google Adsense to generate revenue from your website you can simply write articles and it becomes Google's responsibility to crawl, index and provide relevant contextual ads. For affiliate advertising, you need to find your pages which are related someway with product for actual conversion or write pages with a focus to provide relevant affiliate links or banners within the content. This requires extra effort on publishers part.
      For sure some highly focused niche website could easily integrate the affiliate advertisement in the content, for more general website, it becomes a time consuming task.

    2. Dead or stale affiliate links after some time
      Once you have written content and linked the affiliate links with an expectation of monetizing from content, it does not mean that those links banners will work forever. With my past experience I found most companies use affiliate advertising for a short duration as a campaign. Once they either exhaust fund or achieve the target, affiliated pages are either removed or redirected to non relevant advertising campaign. Tracking each campaign manually is not only laborious but error prone ! Same goes for manually modifying each stale links / banners on your website.

    3. Difficult Affiliate API
      Firstly not all affiliate marketing companies support an API. Amazon does but Flipkart affiliate in India does not. Like flipkart many Indian CPA(Cost per Action) based advertising companies do not have a robust API to tackle above 2 affiliate marketing problems !

      Even Amazon Product advertising API are not easy to understand or use. Without proper documentation bloggers are forced to share their own Amazon product advertising API tutorial. Also API are not well maintained and hence latest offers and some product details are not available through affiliate APIs. Using these API do solve a little of above 2 problems but they certainly are for programmers / developers and not for writers / bloggers.
    These are my views about problems I faced with Affiliate advertising as a publisher in last 3-4 years. Feel free to share your affiliate marketing problems.3 Affiliate marketing problems

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