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Add Facebook Like Button in 3 steps

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    Add Facebook Like Button in 3 steps


    Today Facebook Like Button has become the de facto standard of Website Popularity. If any user likes your website by clicking the Facebook Like Button, the activity will be posted on his wall and hence informed to all his friends.
    Hence Facebook like button may help to get more traffic to your website. Each like activity will increase the count of the people liking your website and also indicate your website popularity. You may also use Facebook share for individual post and would recommend Facebook Like vs Share for understanding basic difference between them.

    So, let us see how you can add Facebook Like button to your Website in 3 simple steps.

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      X Facebook Like Button Generator - Step 1

      Facebook Like Button generator is provided by Facebook plugins so that you can easily add Facebook Like button to your website. You can find the Facebook Like Button Generator Plugin at Facebook developer section

      Most details to be filled are self explanatory, yet few suggestions :
      1) Avoid selecting "Send Button". Follow the KISS (keep it simple silly) phenomenon, less button less confusion.
      2) Choose "Standard" Layout Style as it shows faces of people who liked your website.
      3) Select the "Show Faces". Users tend to like a website if they find a friend face in list of people who liked it.
      4) Change the Font of the Facebook like button according to the default font of your website.
      5) If you get a like button error : "the href entered is not recognized as a valid url" just add http:// or https:// before the www of your website URL.

      Once all are filled and you are satisfied, then click "Get Code" to get your generated Facebook Like Button Code.Facebook Like Button Generator Step 1

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        X Facebook Like Button Iframe - Step 2

        The Generated Code will give you 4 options to choose from viz HTML5, XFBML, IFrame & Url. Select the Facebook Like Button Iframe option as it is simpler to implement. I also heard that Facebook will be deprecating XFBML version of the same, but I think it will not happen soon !
        Once you have got the Facebook Like Button Iframe Code, Copy the full code. Adding this Iframe code in any part of your website will generate the Facebook Like button for your website.Facebook Like Button Iframe Step 2

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          X Adding Facebook Like Button within Iframe - Step 3

          The Facebook Like Button Iframe needs to be pasted in the part of the webpage where you want to show the Like Button. I highly recommend to place the Facebook Like Button on almost all Pages of your website at the same place.

          Try to place the Like Button in places which are easily seen by your User. I deliberately placed it below the navigation link, (which is actually not recommended by some experts !) so that users do not miss it. Other recommended places may be near navigation tabs, above fold on the right side, on top near banner, below every post or topic etc.

          If you place the Like button at the same place in all web page then the user too knows where to look for, when he wants to like your website.

          Even if you ignore the Open Graph Tags, still the Facebook Like button will be fully functional. We will detail about the Open Graph Tags for Facebook later and wish you more Likes for the time being ;-)

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