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Amazon India affiliate starts NEFT payment

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    Amazon India affiliate starts NEFT payment


    Amazon India affiliate sent a mail on 08 July 2014 for NEFT Payment Method Launched. Seems like right time to switch to Amazon affiliate after my Flipkart affiliate review.

    Presently the threshold limit of Amazon affiliate is lesser than Flipkart affiliate ( Compare flipkart affiliate with Amazon India affiliate ) for NEFT fund transfer (1000 INR vs 2500 INR) which means credits in your bank account will be sooner ! :)
    (Flipkart affiliate threshold reduced)

    Key benefits of using NEFT option will be

    1. NEFT transfers are a quick and secure way of transferring money.
    2. Minimum payment threshold is INR 1,000 for NEFT (vs. INR 2,500 for payment by cheque).
    3. There are no fees
    4. Quicker fund transfer in your bank account.
    Since May 2015, Amazon India affiliate stopped payment of affiliate commission by cheques and only NEFT payments exist.

    While making money online is not easy, specially with inherent affiliate marketing problems but the commissions are worth the effort ! Hopefully by next month I should start with PHP Amazon Product advertising API and better conversion from affiliate advertising too.Amazon India affiliate starts NEFT payment  

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