Benefits of completing your profile

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Benefits of completing your profile


Now you can complete your profile at with your relevant documents and work experience. While this list is not comprehensive and more features will be added later, presently benefits include :

  1. Consolidated data at one place
    Once you complete your Profile with your documents and experience, all your data will be consolidated and available to you from anywhere. So no need to carry your documents just for giving copies to anyone.

  2. Share your profile freely
    Most websites do not allow you to share your profile, which actually bugged me a lot! They did not give you control over your own profile, hence you need to create many profiles and keep updating it everywhere. At JAHAJEE you complete your profile and share with anyone, whenever you want. You can email your Documents and experience directly to anyone, no strings attached ! Please do not misuse it and do not spam !

  3. Better control over your profile
    Your profile is fully under your control. While completing you choose privacy settings which you want. You can make them Public or Private as per your need. All private data will require your permission for viewing, public data will be available to anyone.

  4. Get notified before your Documents expire
    Once your documents are added we monitor it for expiry and will inform you months before your document expire. This will help you to keep your certificates and documents, always up to date.

  5. complete profile means better connections
    Your completed profile help us to connect you better with people and things which interest you. It also helps others to contact you for information related with your experience. You increase your followers by helping others.

Follow this post as we add more features and services related with your profile.

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