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Books I recommend !

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    Books I recommend !


    When I was at MMD Kolkata last time, someone came to meet me (he knew I was behind JAHAJEE.com). Obviously at MMD you are free to curse the system, the canteen, the surveyor, read novels or play mobile games (recently added into the list).
    Then I was reading some novel and he asked me "Which Novel was I reading ?" The question somehow offended, for one simple reason coz am an Introvert (Look Naveen I accept it openly now ;-))

    Anyways I think why not share that too. So, it was years since I read my last novel ! Since am a Fan of Rashmi Bansal novels, was not able to say NO when my Mausi recommended Follow Every Rainbow
    The novel focuses specially on 25 Women entrepreneurs and how they made it big. While Follow Every Rainbow is bit feminine based but it touches certain key aspects of life, one which I too believe (specially more so after marriage) that women are more powerful emotionally and are well capable of creating anything, from robust business, happy family, better life, better human and ultimately better society...
    Enjoyed Follow Every Rainbow full and completed it within a day.
    Greatwork Ma'm ;-)

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