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Broken link checker

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    Broken link checker


    Use these broken link checker tools to find broken links on your website. Finding broken links is essential not only for SEO purpose but also for good user experience. Nothing annoys me more than finding dead links in a website !
    Dead link checker tools are essential for websites having thousands of pages where its beyond human capability to check individually. Listing only those free broken link checker which checks more than 100 pages (bare minimum).Broken link checker

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      X Online broken link checker

      Using these 2 online broken link checker I find broken links after major change on my website:

      1. http://www.it-india.com/check-broken-links
        This page checks for hundreds of links. While they claim to crawl for max 30 minutes but most of the times they don't ! Results are shown on a separate page. Progress report gets overwhelming as it continuously shows the link being checked for broken links. Broken links are highlighted in red.
        Only problem is that there is no button to stop the crawler. Use this tool if you have hundreds of pages.
      2. http://www.brokenlinkcheck.com/broken-links.php
        This page can be used to find 3000 broken links max for free. Results include count of pages checked for broken links, broken links and the source page linking to broken link. I love this page for its simplicity and efficiency and recommend it as a better online broken link checker.
      Online broken link checker

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        X Broken link checker software

        Best broken link checker has to be undisputedly Xenu Link sleuth and its also free as air.
        Best feature with it is checking of local network, hence can be used on LAMP/WAMP on localhost. Xenu link sleuth claims to crawl more than million links for finding broken links & I have tested it on 25000+ pages at one go. This tool not only finds broken links but also shows other useful headers.
        The only problem is that for each broken link, the source page is found by checking its property (an extra click per broken link). I highly recommend Xenu link over any other broken link checker tool.Broken link checker software

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