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Merchant Navy Rank "Chief mate" or Chief Officer (C/O) belongs to the deck department of merchant ship. The Chief mate is responsible to the Master for:

  1. In the absence of the
  2. , the C/O is in command of the vessel and assumes the master's responsibilities.
  3. Acting as the Deck department team leader in an emergency/crisis response situation.
  4. Maintaining the upkeep of the hull, deck fixtures,  fittings, crew accommodation areas, forecastles and Bosun's storerooms, which must be kept in a clean and tidy condition.
  5. Maintaining discipline within the deck department.
  6. Administering and controlling of deck stores and equipment including inventory and expenditure control and requisitioning.
  7. Maintaining an up to date and accurate record of  deck maintenance.
  8. Responsible for cargo handling including tank cleaning and COW operations, ballasting/deballasting operations including the allocation of specific duties to other Deck officers.  
  9. Monitoring all situations, which may result in environmental pollution incidents and to take appropriate preventive measures.
  10. Keeping a safe navigational watch as instructed by the  master.
  11. Acting as the ship’s Safety Officer including the promotion of safe working practices and the conducting of regular safety inspections.  
  12. Ensuring all shipboard safety equipment is maintained and regularly tested.
  13. Acting as Ship Security Officer along with the associated duties contained in the Ships Security Plan.   
  14. Taking charge of a mooring party fwd.
  15. The Chief Officer is to be given the opportunity to understudy the master whenever such an opportunity arises.
  16. Any other duties as instructed by the Master.

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