Can Adsense Direct crush Buysellads ?

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    Can Adsense Direct crush Buysellads ?


    Google is starting Adsense Direct, another advertising service for Advertiser/Publishers. While presently it is on experimental basis for certain USA Publishers only, but for sure it will start its Adsense Direct under BETA for all major revenue generation countries (Read USA, UK, AUSTRALIA etc.) soon.Can Adsense Direct crush Buysellads

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      X What is Adsense Direct ?

      AdSense Direct is a service by Google Adsense allowing publisher, to sell their ad slots (ad inventory) directly. Using Adsense Direct publishers can sell a specific ad unit on their sites, to an advertiser who they have direct contact with. Ad Inventory is sold on cost-per-day basis for 100% of impressions.
      This means no need to use DFP, no change in ad code and more targeted advertiser. AdSense Direct will grant publishers simple way of setting up a campaign for an advertiser. Key features of AdSense Direct include:

      1. Create and manage campaigns from "My ads" tab in your Adsense Account
      2. No change required to the ad code on website
      3. Earnings paid out as part of your regular AdSense payments
      4. No need for a separate contract, both you and the advertiser contract with Google.
      5. Built in invoicing and billing through Google Wallet
      6. Google ad review to ensure that your visitors stay safe from malware.

      To me Adsense Direct campaign process is very similar to Buysellads. In simple terms
      1. Publisher places 3rd party code (Adsense Direct/Buysellads) and set the price for ad slots on their website.
      2. 3rd Party counts the Ad impression/Pageviews, demography, keywords and other required analytics.
      3. Required analytics (Impressions/Pageviews) shown to Advertiser.
      4. Impressed Advertiser buys the Publisher Ad slot and pays to 3rd party.
      5. Publisher & 3rd party approves the ads and activates the campaign.
      6. Publisher gets its revenue after commission to 3rd party.
      7. Advertiser gets its Ads displayed on required Publisher Ad slot.
      8. Everyone lived happily ever after Adsense Direct ;-)

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        X Adsense vs Buysellads

        While Google Adsense may be high revenue generating service for few websites, for major lot it is just peanuts ! Adsense performed well if your targeted audience is from USA/UK/AUSTRALIA but failed terribly for ASIAN Countries. Even with high traffic the CTR/CPC for certain niche is so low that publishers kept trying other Adsense alternative including .

        Google Adsense is pro advertiser, from where the money comes ! It provides various payments options, full support for advertisers, tries best to prevent fraud Adclicks, etc. For publishers Adsense gave them few formatting controls, no support for low earning publishers, delayed payment by Adsense cheques, and lot of pushing to create Adsense optimised content. Result was simple, frustrated publishers which found great alternative in Buysellads.

        Buysell ads on other hands is pro publisher. While it gave lot of controls to advertiser, it fulfilled needs of publishers. Publishers with high traffic were able to sell their advertising slots (inventory) directly to advertisers at their own price ! Advertiser too knew the performance of the publisher website prior advertising. The result was within 5 years Buysell ads processed 100,000th Order in June 2013 and today is an Inc. 500 Company.

        Google Adsense team is bit slow and their Google Responsive Adsense still have limitations after months of starting their Google Responsive Ads. It may take them years to make Adsense direct available for ASIAN Publishers. Also there is no records if it will be available to all publishers or only premium publishers with million pageviews !

        Anyways Adsense Direct has full potential to bring back lost publishers as well as retain frustrated ones if they could roll out the BETA version for everyone soon, else publishers will either find other adsense alternatives or start own advertising.  So if Google can do what Buysellads are doing with their Adsense Direct will that crush Buysellads ? Only time will tell !

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        • X

          Finally Adsense Direct rolled out for Publishers on 21 Jan 2014. Their blog states AdSense Direct is currently available to publishers and advertisers located in the U.S., and we hope to expand further in the coming months. Humm.... We are waiting to get our hands dirty with Adsense Direct.

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