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Candy Crush Cheats resetting timer

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    Candy Crush Cheats resetting timer


    I used this Candy crush cheat to reset Candy crush timer, to continue with my game without having to wait ! Candy crush while being addictive, frustrates us by its timer. Once you loose all game life, Candy crush timer will start and requires you to wait until getting your life back to resume play. while I did pay once but exhausted my life sooner than I thought! I played around with my android phone to find how to reset Candy crush timer.

    Once you loose all your game life, Candy crush notes the time from your Phone device and sets a timer limit related to future time. A simple timer coding calculates difference between this limit set and your present phone device time. Simple cheat for candy crush then is to set your phone timing exactly that difference ahead !

    How to reset Candy crush time for free

    1. Go to your phone settings
    2. Scroll down to (SYSTEM) Date & time
    3. Uncheck /Off Automatic date & time and Automatic Time zone
    4. Manually Set time 1 to 2 hour ahead
    5. Go back and play Candy crush happily ever after ;-)
    6. Continue again whenever you need to reset candy crush timer.
    Candy Crush Cheats resetting timer

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      X Precautions for Candy crush cheats

      Before using cheats for candy crush, please note

      1. Some Android Apps may malfunction
        Since your device time governs Mobile Apps, some apps may malfunction. The only remedy is to bring your phone time back to normal

      2. Candy crush timer now shows me to wait months or years
        OMG ! don't panic you first lied to candy crush timer your system time is in future, do not expect it to listen to you now. Remedy is to uninstall and reinstall Candy crush Saga again !

      3. After reinstall of Candy Crush it asks me to start from level 1
        What ! you did not connect your Candy crush with your Facebook account ! Why ? You are using cheats for Candy crush atleast make Candy crush popular by connecting it with Facebook account. If your Candy crush is previously synced with Facebook then when you reinstall it, Candy crush will resync back with your last facebook stage.

      4. Something is still wrong !
        While this cheat is simply harmless yet if still candy crush timer is not reset or you do not want to start from beginning please pay 0.99 and enjoy the game. Trust you too would love the game developers to continue making such wonderful mobile apps
      Hope I have not missed any precautions and feel free to reply your Candy crush cheats and tricks.Precautions for Candy crush cheats

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