Create a donation page for your Website

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    Create a donation page for your Website


    While creating a donation page for your website, more users would donate if you keep them better informed. Any reader who appreciates your content or might want to contribute to your charitable actions, might show his love by a small amount of token through this donation page. Yet he might still want to know few details about his donation.

    Minimum points to include in a donation page should be :

    How could a user donate ?
    This should include all options available for donation. Whether you have the paypal donation button, or  Google checkout support button or better still, direct donation to your bank account, give clear & distinct indication to the donor. The options should be highlighted and clearly visible on your donation page.
    Other than the normal donation buttons, wishlist on some e-commerce website too may be a great option to receive things as tip/donation for your website content.

    Amount of Donation ?
    Give the liberty to choose the donation amount while creating a donation page. While most donation buttons does pre-fill the text-box with a minimum amount, allowing to change it to an amount comfortable to a user will help better.

    Why should a user donate and how donated amount will be used ?
    A donor has full right to know why you need this donation. How will this donation help not only you but also the donor (if it does !). Will it benefit him in taxation if your organization works as an NGO (Non Government Organizations) requesting donation for a charitable cause, will you leave a back-link to donors website etc.
    How will you use the donated amount ? Will you use it for your server expense or expanding the services ? Will you use it for noble cause or for buying your new limousine ! Be true to your donor and do not bluff them with works which you have never done nor intend to do. Be clear, precise and truthful in what you do and how you intend to spend the donation amount.

    Security measures to prevent the user's data ?
    Assure the donor that his details are secured and you will not sell, rent, use later or share his details with anyone. If you use secure third party online payment processor like Paypal donate button or Google checkout support button make sure that the user understand how they work. While you do not need to overwhelm your user with 3rd party transaction process but reassuring them that the services are secure and safe will make them comfortable while granting any donation.

    Add Pictures on your donation page
    This might be tricky. A picture is worth thousand words and so it is! Of course for NGO and Non Profit Organizations getting the pictures of generous cause is easier but for bloggers and web developers it is not that simple ! For website and bloggers it might be good to either use some appealing cartoons or picture of themselves. This also make the donor more confident, as he knows to whom donation is going to. Your picture also makes an indirect connection between you and donor.

    Make donation easy
    This is self explanatory. Like your registration page, keep your donation page simple with minimum forms data to fill. Allow users to donate without logging in. Keep the process painless and transaction hassles free with single-page donation form, if possible.

    Add Share buttons on your Donation webpage
    A simple share button might help you in getting more donations. Someone who might not be able to donate personally, may help you by sharing donation page and getting more donors. Never underestimate the share power !

    Linking to  your website
    Link your donation page from almost every page of your website. Do not forget to add rel="nofollow" in these links as detailed in How to nofollow link. This should make your donation page ubiquitous and increase conversion of successful donation.

    Wish you continue your passion and your created donation page helps you in that.Create a donation page for your Website

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