DG Shipping announces financial help for Indian Cadets !

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    DG Shipping announces financial help for Indian Cadets !


    In its latest Circular, DG Shipping is promising to provide financial help to Indian Merchant Navy Cadets / Trainees for batches passed out in year 2010, 2011 and 2012. This financial help is aimed to support the cadets for completion of their mandatory on-board training.

    All the Indian Merchant Navy Colleges are required to submit the details in the below format

    Sr. No.Name & address of the cadet / mobile / landline numberCourseCategory
    [ SC / ST / OBC / Mnority / General ]
    Name of the InstituteYear of passingYearly income of parents

    The information needs to be send to any of the below email / Fax
    1. Email : dgstrg@gmail.com
    2. Email : anand.kumar74@nic.in
    3. Email : mahuasarkar-dgs@nic.in
    4. Fax : 022-25752029
    5. Fax : 022-25752035
    While it might seem to be a great effort from DG Shipping, the catch is that the relevant DG Shipping circular was published on 06 Jan 2015 (pdf) with last date of submission also the same day ! I hope this isn't a joke because I did not get it !
    Most colleges do not track the unplaced cadets after passing their college and collecting such cadets information (for 2012 and less) in such short time should be difficult for colleges too !

    I do not know about others but in my opinion this effort of DG Shipping doesn't solve any problem. Indian Merchant Navy Cadets want job, not the money ! I am also not sure how many applications DG Shipping will receive with a window period of less than a day (not counting the time before the circular got published). I hope they do accept applications even after the deadline. Would love to hear some College feedback on this !
    Wishing all the cadets, best of luck.  DG Shipping announces financial help for Indian Cadets

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