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Dangerous Cargo Endorsement at MMD Mumbai


I have recently obtained a DCE Oil (Advanced) from MMD Mumbai. During the period leading to it I realised that, like in most cases related to documentation in Seafarers' life, there were several gaps in the information available on the internet or otherwise. You discover it in entirety only after you have completed the process. And yes, be forewarned that in spite of this update, you will still have some grinding of your own to perform when you yourself decide to make the application. Here are some pointers:

1. Forms and Challans are distributed between 1000 and 1200 LT, Monday to Friday. A copy of the checklist is attached.WP 20150610 09 06 57 Pro 2

2. As a starter, you must have STCW 2010 AFF or refresher training, as the case may be, completed. Refresher Training slots are not easily available. You may have to book at least 2 months in advance.

3. Ensure that your profiles, both DGS and MMD, are updated. They also require that the Personal Information page is filled in Capital letters. You will have to visit the Old MMD to make any amendments. Old MMD is situated on the First Floor in Pratishtha Bhavan opposite Bombay Hospital.

4. If you already possess a Level 2 DCE and have been 'continuously sailing', TASCO/LCHS older than 5 years will work.

5. You must apply online after paying the fees. Challan number will have to be entered therein. After completing the online application, take a printout of the same. This will have to be submitted with your application.

6. All photocopies must be self attested. Copies of MMD and DGS profiles must have your signature on the fist and the last page. In order to print your MMD profile you will have to use the print command in your browser for each page.

7. Now, for the weirdest stipulation I have come across - Photos with beard are not permitted!! So unless you have a reasonably recent un-bearded photo of yours, you will need to shave the growth off (Moustache is permitted, thankfully).

8. Applications are accepted between 1000 and 1200 LT, Monday to Friday.

9. All going well, you should receive your DCE on the following working day around 1600 LT.

10. Bank charges for Fees are Rs.50/-. Syndicate Bank is now situated next to the Yellow Fever Vaccination center.

That is about all I found worth mentioning. If you have some specific queries, I may be able to be of assistance. I have also obtained GMDSS COC recently. Will post my comments in the appropriate forum.

Best of Luck  

Tarun Kumar | | EDIT