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6 years ago
Comment at There is a liferaft in fwd , why ? ?
i said its regulation,he said thts ok but why, i said for people working in fwd area,then he said do u know normalyy how a ship breaks and sinks,then i came to know wht he wants.in sinking ...

6 years ago
Comment at Lifeboat is loaded with full complement , you hv to take another person inside , action ?
in no case you can allow him to enter inside,he has to hold grab lines or some other thing outside of boat. ...

6 years ago
Comment at Where is lifeboat capacity mentioned on boat ?
i said on the hull ...

6 years ago
Comment at Which is stress calculation equipment onboard ?
i said its loadicator,he said ok what does it show i said SF and BM curves,then he asked how much is allowed,i said its mentioned in stability booklet permissible limits in different ...

6 years ago
Comment at Fracture in baby finger.action ?
i said i will try to immobilise finger by putting a support under finger and apply bandage, and to counter pain an analgesic.bcz its a fracture,he will be in extreme pain so he asked which ...

6 years ago
Comment at Lifeboat launching checks in abandon ship.
his special attention was towards the fact that we must always also rig embarkation ladder so that in case vessel has not sunk and we need to come back on ship then there should be a means to ...

6 years ago
Comment at Aftr cmng frm shore service , your extinguisher posn marking absent how 2 place bck correctly ?
refer to FFA plan of ship which type n what size extinguisher to be placed where. ...

6 years ago
Comment at Cargo operations on a container ship in port , suddenly lists to 7deg port , reason and action.
The answer which i gave was coorect as per him.i said the vessel was on unstable equilibrium,and now it came on angle of loll,i.e, GM is zero.then remedial action for angle of loll. ...

6 years ago
Comment at How many hours before entering a seca you will ask engine room to changeover the fuel oil ?
i told as per annex 6,sufficient time before so that previous fuel fully drains from the system, he insisted on amount of hours,when i was helpless i told him 2 to 3 hours on my ship.then he said ...

6 years ago
Comment at You are discharging garbage and garbage bags on deck , many flies on deck.what will you do ?
i told him i will spray for flies,but he was not satisfied with my answer and neither he told correct answer he expected. ...