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4 years ago
Comment at When navigating in coastal waters there is no radar , how to fix positions ?
1) horizontal sextant angle 2) vertical sextant angle ( by using the dist off formula) 3) 3 bearing method 4) monitoring the depth counter and transit brg ...

4 years ago
Comment at What are Synoptic Charts & Prognosis Charts ?
synotic charts: they are the weather charts for the present condition movement and patterns of air pressure, rainfall, wind and temperature. This information is conveyed using symbols, which are ...

4 years ago
Comment at What info we get from isgot ?
ISGOTT stands for international safety guide for oil tanker and terminal. just like the name explain it is a guideline which is set in for the oil tanker and terminals. explain the content of ...

4 years ago
Comment at If pivot point , when fwd and stern ?
there are different criteria to explain pivot point.these are the situation : 1) pivot point when vessel making head way with no wind 2) pivot point when vessel making head way with wind. 3) ...

4 years ago
Comment at Explain Engine room foam annual maintenance ?
engine room fixed foam fire fighting system. 1) first foam analysis to be carried out after 3 year from the date of installation on board and after that every year. 2) if it as protein based ...