ETO as a career ?

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    ETO as a career ?


    Being an Electronics and telecommunication engineer, i found that the best way for me join merchant navy was to do an ETO course (@Jahajee - this website suggests me that DNS is only option my qualification. why so?).
    So i wanted advice from you all regarding ETO as a career ?
    Can I advance to chief engineer from Electrical Officer ?
    What are onshore job opportunities after I stop sailing ?

    I read two conflicting opinions about ETO on internet-
    first was that ETO is same as radio officer and this post is now slowly being removed i.e deck side is trained to this work. so career prospects as gloomy.
    other was that -ETO is not just a radio officer, now since most vessels rely heavily on electronics and communication, the need for an ETO (as a specialist on vessel)is rising.
    now which of the above is true ?  

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      Thank you for the feedback have updated the Join Merchant Navy India Page and you can also find DG Shipping approved institute offering ETO Course in India now !

      Being from Deck department I am not very well aware of the promotion thing, but I know that Merchant Navy Rank - Electrical Officer is not radio officer ! While some shipping companies in India may have stopped having any Electrical Officer on board, yet most still have them on board. So I think the second option is true.  

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      hey sir please elaborate on ETO AS A Career in Merchant Navy and what are the growth possibilities(scope, placements and SALARY range as an Electro-Technical Officer..??
      Well, after doing i want to get into merchant navy line and this seems to be best option..
      i have zeroed in on Great Eastern shipping Institute Of maritime studies, Lonavala providing ETO course (4months academic,8mnths on-board).. should i go for it? And also tell me career path as a ETO.
      Do reply wid ur expert opinion asap urgentlyy..
      Thank u..

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      Firstly Sorry, that I almost forgot about this post, specially to 1rajkm.
      As I told before that DG Shipping started laying Rules for ETO few years back only, hence the only approved college for Training of Electric Officer is Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies (shown under REETO Course in
      Electro-Technical Officer presently is a rank in merchant ships and their duties in brief can be found at

      Technically speaking there is no hierarchy in Electrical Officer yet some companies have made their special rank like "Training Electrical Officer" , "Junior Electrical Officer", "Electrical Officer" etc. Frankly speaking they all have the same certificate and the companies do such things to give the freshers less salary.

      Coming to the Salary it is variable. It can vary from 300 USD (Fresehers) to 1500 USD (Experienced). Please do not quote me for the scale as I have seen only 1 electrical officer with 1400  Salary. How long will it take you from 300 to more is also not well defined simply because there is no particular sea-time requirement for promotion.

      So that brings us to promotion scenario. I am still searching for a DG Shipping Circular for promotion of Electrical officer to Marine Engineer, but have not found any. Few Facebook comments indicates that if the electrical Officer can get Watchkeeping certificate from Chief Engineer then they can get their class 4 cleared from UK (I highly doubt if it actually is possible). So if you do not get the class 4 cleared, you will always remain at one rank of Electrical Officer !

      Now for vacancy, of course the competition might not be as high as cadet or GP rating but ETO get tough competition from Navy electrical officers as they can switch from navy to Merchant Navy and they have experience too! Great Eastern Institute is affiliated to GESCO company and probably they might be having good campus selection. I think its better to contact the college for their campus performance. Some companies (Mitsui) have stopped recruiting Electrical Officers, but still such number is very low and majority hire Electrical officers.

      Regarding Shore Job, I am really sorry I do not have any idea, but I have found that its your technical knowledge which matters more ashore than your sea-experience e.g. if you get a job ashore it will be because of your B-Tech degree and not because of being Electrical officer on a merchant ship.

      I will try to change the Join Merchant Navy tab in future with more details about Electrical Officer. Best of luck for your life and never ever forget.....always be happy ;-)

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      hey now DG Shipping is telling 12th is also required for ETO Course.After doing Degree and diploma who will do 12th???it is not fair.....its a stupid DG Shipping criteria.
       please let me knw how to challenge DG Shipping

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