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Facebook Like vs Share

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Facebook Like vs Share


Choosing between facebook Like vs Share is confusing to most webmasters. I am not someone who is very active on Social networking websites but for sure they do drive great traffic to website if used properly! For years I used the like buttons on my website at bottom of content and always kept wondering why is it not effective ??

I checked my Facebook Insight recently and found interesting fact, performance of Facbook Like vs Share buttons, as shown below.

It seems like Facebook Share generates more Impression on facebook compared to Facebook like. While nobody can be sure about it and Facebook may keep changing the impression percentage for Like & Share, yet logically sharing of your website content on Facebook will get posted on Users walls or groups. These sharing will last forever (until deleted), will continuously generate traffic to your website and gather more likes on facebook itself.

To test this I changed all Social media buttons on my website and switched from Like to Share on 11 Dec 2013. The Like/Share count number is not shown to reduce page-load time and better user experience. Insights better monitored and will update soon  who wins in this battle of Facebook Like vs Share !Facebook Like vs Share

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