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Feedburner Email for your feeds

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    Feedburner Email for your feeds


    Feedburner also provides email subscription service for your wesbite feeds. So you can offer email subscription via feedburner to your users by adding a simple widget / script by feedburner on your website.

    # 1) Login to your Feedburner account.
    # 2) Select the "Publicize" Tab on the top
    # 3) Select the "Email Subscriptions" from the left optoions.
    # 4) Click the "Activate" button to activate the Feedburner Email Subscription.
    # 5) The page now offers 2 options to choose from for placing the email subscription offers :
       (a) Subscription Form Code
       (b) Subscription Link Code
       Of the two options, I am using the "Subscription Form Code" as it offers the form directly to users. Thus users can subscribe the feeds by email just by entering email Id directly. In simple terms, it means less clicks and direct results.
    # 6) Copy the widget / code provided by Feedburner and place it at the place where you want the Feedburner Email subscription to be shown.

    Thats it, now your website will show the subscription form and your users can directly subscribe by email for your offered Feedburner feeds.

    While placing the code, try to place the Feedburner Email subscription code at the same place in maximum number of pages. This will help your users to know where to find the Email subscription form when they want to subscribe. I am placing the subscribe by email option at the left side bottom of the www.jahajee.com on all webpages.

    Feedburner Email subscription also offers you control on  email which will be sent via feedburner. By default feedburner will show your google email Id as - Email "From" Address and you are allowed to change the same under the "Communication Preferences". You can change the From, subject and even the body of the email which will be sent for confirmation of the subscription.

    Under "Email Branding" you can add your website Logo, choose the email subject and format of the email body.

    Hope this post helps you in adding subscribe by email option by feedburner on your website and wish you maximum email subscribers ;-)Feedburner Email for your feeds

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