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Feedburner Ping for automated pings

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    Feedburner Ping for automated pings


    Feedburner provides PingShot service under the "Publicize" tab for automated pings. Feedburner provides a simple button to activitate the pingshot for your feedburner feeds.

    Why is PingShot advisable ? Its because you want your website content to be spread to the world as fast as possible. Different aggregators have different interval of checking latest updates varying from half hour to few hours. Feedburner Ping will notify the major aggregators and search engines when the feeds change,almost instantly (or that is what they claim). So PingShot will update the different aggregators, readers and search engines about the latest updates of your feed. Deactivating Feedburner Ping is also simple button click, at the same page, if it was active.

    While Feedburner ping may have "super high-powered extra strength feed management technology" but, still I found it non-transparent. Do they actually ping the world or to which services, website do they ping ? I found no details for it so I still continue doing manual ping once I add any new topic to internet-programs.com (call me orthodox !). In the following post we will detail how to improve ping for a website.Feedburner Ping for automated pings

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      X How to improve ping for a website ?

      While Feedburner PingShot may claim to ping your website updates quickly but how to improve ping for your website ?

      You can improve ping by manually pinging your feeds. Remember to add your Feedburner feed URI while pinging about your website.

      Feedburner also provides a URL for manual ping of your feed @

      Other than the feedburner URL I use two other website for ping which are :
      www.pingomatic.com and
      What I like with both websites are that they inform you to which services they ping to. You can select the service of your choice and ping your website.

      While there may be other Ping services too for posting your website manually but I am only posting through the above 3 links to improve my pings.

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        It seems like pingoat.com is redirecting to www.pingler.com

        I tried pingler.com and it is promising to ping far more websites than what pingoat.com used to do.

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