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Feedburner to Twitter

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    Feedburner to Twitter


    Feedburner allows your website / blogs feeds to be posted also on your Twitter account automatically.

    1) Login to your Feedburner account.
    2) Click on "Publicize" tab on top and select "Socialize" from the left navigation options.
    3) Add a twitter account by clicking "Add a twitter account".
    4) Choose the "Formatting options" and "Item Selection" as per your requirement.
    5) Click "Activate" if service is not already active else "Save" the setting.

    That is it! Now whenever feedburner will detect that the feeds have changed it will post the latest feed from your feedburner feed to your twitter account.

    I am attaching the setting for internet-programs.com . For "Formatting options" I suggest to select "include link" this increase the chance of more traffic for your website by followers coming by the link.
    You can add hash tags for your website in the "Additional Text" option. While I added #internet-programs in it but the problem is that Feedburner limits the characters to 20, so was unable to add .com to it. Hash tags help twitter to find your content when you search by these hash tags in twitter search.
    I also found one more problem with hyphen in the domain name. Twitter takes the hash tags only till the hyphen while searching....Humm so is it wrong to have hyphenated domain ? Only time will tell ;-)Feedburner to Twitter

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