Feeds in different Web browser

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Feeds in different Web browser


Feeds get displayed differently in different browsers. Once you click on links to subscribe to any feed, the browser displays differently the option to subscribe.

I tried my feeds in 3 different browsers viz Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Of these three browser Firefox is the one which displays it in xml format by default and will result in a confirmation box like option for subscribing with live bookmark. I am attaching the display as it would appear.

To ensure that every browser shows the option in a browser friendly html format just add "?format=html" without the quotes to the end of the feedburner feed URL. So for www.jahajee.com feeds through feedburner should be re-written as

This ensures that the feeds are shown as html format by all browsers. The Firefox display gets modified as attached. Remember that the URL will need to be changed in the meta tags, htaccess and everywhere the Feedburner feed URL was previously used.Feeds in different Web browser

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