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Flipkart affiliate threshold reduced

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    Flipkart affiliate threshold reduced


    Received Flipkart affiliate email today about reduction in the threshold limit for publishers from 2500 INR to 1000 INR. Wonder if it is related to Amazon Affiliate India announcement  last week for starting NEFT Payment with threshold limit of 1000 INR.

    Amazon, a magnate in the e-commerce world, is ready to crush its competitors in India specially by wooing the Indian Publishers. Flipkart on the other hand has always neglected Indian Publishers and is now facing tough competition as more and more Publishers gear up to shift to Amazon Affiliate India (Flipkart affiliate vs Amazon affiliate India). Flipkart Affiliate system has been blamed for providing irregular coding and reports earlier too. I have been a Flipkart affiliate since last 2 years but even after sending thousands of Indian traffic actual conversion was so pathetic that I switched back to Google Adsense for Advertising on website.

    This move to reduce threshold will help a lot of publishers, who earned more than 1000 INR in their effort to make money online but never reached threshold. Few things worth noting

    1. Flipkart affiliate Program deducts 10% TDS on all payments made through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
    2. The referral fee payable to publisher is inclusive of all taxes that a publisher may be required to remit in connection with such services.
    Flipkart affiliate threshold reduced

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