Get Indian COC Correction Sticker for Notes Page from E-Samudra

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Get Indian COC Correction Sticker for Notes Page from E-Samudra


On 24 Apr 2017 many Indian mariners got frustrated when DG Shipping issued circular about Correction in Certificate of Competency ! Pro-active Mariners who went to MMD found MMD themselves not prepared for this Endorsement Stamp on COC. Confusion which followed was obvious as most mariners recently renewed their Indian COC ! You can download details of that DG Shipping Circular Indian COC Correction on Notes Page (pdf) [1.28 MB]
Who are required to get their COC Endorsed/Corrected ?
You can check your COC front page, if the line says Regulation I/2, paragraph 9 then you are required to get this endorsement ! If this is the case, then you are not alone, almost every Indian Mariner has to get it ! Quoting from Circular 7. THEREFORE, in order to prevent issues relating to Indian CoC's during Port State Control [PSC] Inspections, it is hereby directed that all Indian CoC's complying with 2010 amendments to STCW 1978 convention, the notes on the front pastedown endpaper page of the CoC is to be now read as following:
"The original of this certificate must be kept available in accordance with Regulation I/2, paragraph 11 of the Convention while serving on a ship"

9. Seafarers in possession of CoCs upgraded to 2010 amendments may approach nearest MMD at their convenience to get their CoCs stamped accordingly. No additional fees will be charged for the same.
Why is this COC Correction required now ?
Because DG Shipping forgot about this change on the notes page, and so this correction is needed by means of an endorsement sticker !
Indian COC First Page
How to get this COC Correction Sticker ?
While the circular ends with a statement to approach nearest MMD for getting this endorsement, however DG Shipping also added a link in Esamudra.

Once you have logged into E-Samudra (E-Governance) You can check

Home >> COC, DC Endorsement, GMDSS Radio Operator >> COC Correction Sticker as per STCW 2010...
Clicking on new link will download correction sticker. If downloaded file does not open, do not worry, just right click on it and open with any PDF Viewer like Adobe. While DG Shipping has corrected many E-samudra Problems, some issues like these still remains !

You are required to print this downloaded page in "Photo Quality" using Colour printer on a A4 size self adhesive sticker paper. Once printed, cut sticker and paste the sticker in COC booklet in any of the additional pages.

Thankfully you do not need to go to MMD now for this correction !
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Indian COC Correction Sticker

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