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Google Adsense check not received ?

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    Google Adsense check not received ?


    So you did not receive your Google Adsense Check! Before you panic and start cursing every advertiser, calm down. Relax ! Mostly it is not even Google's fault.

    From my past experience I have found these general data :
    Google issues Adsense check by around 25-30 each month
    Shipment details of the check gets updated by around 4-10 (next month)
    Adsense check gets returned from the local place by around 17-23 (next month)

    Google sends the Adsense Check using Bluedart in India. Mostly its the courier service which is unable to reach you. Once Google issues a check, it takes few days to courier the same. Details of the courier service and tracking number of your Google Adsense check gets updated after few days. The day they update the Courier details, it is always better to track the shipment from Courier service website. Once you have the details, contact your local Courier centre directly and inquire about this shipment.
    Courier service generally keep the shipment for 10-15 days at their local centre prior returning it back to the sender (National Google office). In my case the Google Adsense check gets returned as the check is issued at my website name and not mine. Courier service are never able to find my company and I would never receive Adsense check if I did not track the shipment myself. I admit it is quite frustrating, but easier than changing my Address.

    But what if your Adsense check is returned already ! Yet again sticking to Googles philosophy of "DON'T BE EVIL" Google allows you to report your Adsense check not received and request a reissue, using their online form @ http://support.google.com/adsense/bin/static.py?hl=en&ts=1198567&page=ts.cs&rd=1
    You can request a reissue of check only after 60 days of the Adsense check issue date. The form is self explanatory to fill. Once reported by using the form, Google team reviews and approves the stop payment of the previous Adsense check. Check amount gets credited back to your earnings in about 15 days. In their own termWithin about 15 days, your earnings will be credited back into your account and you'll see a 'Check stopped - earnings credited back' line appear on your Payments page. If this line appears before the 15th of the month, your earnings will be included in that month's payment cycle. If it
    appears after the 15th, your earnings will be included in next month's payment cycle.
    Wish you more checks in future and hope you do receive all those Adsense Check.Google Adsense check not received

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