Google Maps offline on Android

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Google Maps offline on Android


Download of google maps offline on android may become necessary while travelling/camping with limited mobile network, when frequently travelling within same locality/city or better still to save your mobile data usage by downloading from free Wi-fi network ;-).

While Gmaps are used mostly online but saving small area of Google Maps offline will later allow you to travel using Android GPS, without internet connection! While a GPS is not mandatory but without it Cached Google map may not be of much use !

Steps to download google maps offline :

  1. Connect your Android phone to Internet via Wifi or internet data service (2G/3G)
  2. Open Google Maps on your android phone
  3. Enable GPS on your android phone
  4. Type location/city(hereafter called POI:Point of interest ;-)) you want to download and search it.
  5. Once Map shows that location zoom in/out for concerned area. Alternatively select route to get area from your present location to POI.
  6. Remove POI name and clear search bar
  7. There shall be an option now (somewhere at bottom) Make this map area available offline click on that.
    In certain old version if you do not find this option type Ok Maps and click search
  8. A message Pre-loading map... % will indicate google map getting cached for offline use.
  9. If map is successfully downloaded you should see message The on-screen map area has been cached. If there is some error please check Offline Google maps limitation

The cached files gets stored on your SD card at
/SD card/Android/data/
but you cannot use it directly. Let see how to use this downloaded Google map offline.Google Maps offline on AndroidGoogle Maps offline on AndroidGoogle Maps offline on AndroidGoogle Maps offline on AndroidGoogle Maps offline on Android

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Rishi Kashyap
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X Use Google maps offline

Once you have downloaded Google maps offline you can use cached file later without internet. In previous Gmaps version it was available in menu itself, but present version does not have such option.

Google maps, by default will open on last browsed screen and will be showing data from your offline file only.
If you see the world map then zoomin to your cached area and details will start coming from offline file.
However if your screen is blank, you will need internet connection initially to load Google Map for POI area. Do not try to search for city now else error "No network connection" will come. You can switch off Internet later and zoom in to the map, the map will load offline ;-)

With keeping in mind Offline google maps limitation you can even use your saved offline map for navigation purpose. Switch on internet and get the route data to show track from your location to POI. Now switch off internet and zoom into the track route, your Android GPS will still work indicating your movement on the track as "Blue dot" while your google map will get its data from offline cached file as you travel. Also check Clearing offline google maps for removal of saved Google Maps from your Android phone.Use Google maps offline

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