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Happy Mails

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    X 24 Carat Gold South Indian Marriage

    MAY 2010
    While this is totally true that I "too" was not very interested in attending ####'s Marriage had it not been Saurabh's Scolding mail to go and attend that, but it was a pure 24 Carat Fun...

        This was my first visit to South Indian Marriage and it was very different from any North Indian ones seen. Needless to say that since it was an unplanned visit the tickets were not booked properly. The marriage was at "Palakollu" but I needed to go to Bapatla [####'s home] some 200-300 Kms from Palakollu. Well for the Non Indians both are in AP [OK do not deviate from the topic by believing me and thinking how many Non Indians I know !!] .
    Flashback :
    Come 28th and I left Dhn at 05:55 by Coal Field to Kolkata. Dropped few of my luggage at my friends place and left for Chennai, reached their in the Eve. Airport to Chennai Central-1 hr journey ,Finding the train 1hr [communication prob] ,even then cannot find a place as TTE was typical telugu and was not confirming the ticket. Finally after 1 hr somehow managed to enter the Army boggie by telling self to be the Navy guy ...Yakeen kar College ka woh uniform wala Id card ab tak kaam aata hai...Anyways it wasn't that I got a seat or anything ....it was just a boggie to stand ...so 5 hrs of standing, sitting, sleeping, adjustments and quick naps. The battle was won by reaching THE "Bapatla" at 05:10 next day [little more than 5 hrs journey] . #### did not call many friends...well the truth is he did not call any friend....nahi miyan ...aisa nahi ki I was the lucky chosen 1 ...it was just ki main hi khud pahoonch gaya tha hehe .....]

        Anyways he had almost same haldi kind of function as we guys have that day ...but after that his relatives gave him bath ..that means actually his sis , mother and some aunts bathing him and self taking his MMS...oops pics ....He got ready and went to some temple bare foot . Ppl gave money during his walking ...it was some sort of custom where it is believed that God enters his body and ppl pay both honor and money. This money thus collected will need to be donated to Tirupathi [later about that]. Well all this time when he was walking bare foot in the vaporizing heat of South India I like a faithful friend.... gave him my camera and told to take as many pic as possible and went to sleep in AC room...come on !! main thaka hua tha ...what else where u expecting...??? Jab wapas aaaya toh maar kar jagaya aur dono lunch kar liye....bechare ka pair thoda jhulas gaya tha...

          All the baraati went to Palakollu from Bapatla by a Bus and a Cab. The journey was of almost 5-6 hrs and though not picturesque but was greener with shades. Both places are far from being called a developed city [no 3G service available] but were Ok ....Their barat is not like ours with band baja, just relatives...the only thing common are the complains...some1 wanted AC Bus , some1 wanted  chartered plane [Ok I am exaggerating but u got the idea right!!]. Obviously #### was desperate to reach there fast as the responsibility to entertain the relatives will shift to the Girl side....and that is what exactly happened...we reached there by around 21:00 and were served the Cold drink [worth mentioning because it still in our marriages is top priority]...toh baratiyon ka swagat cold drink se hui ....waise pata nahin poori baratiyon ki ya fir sirf Dulhe ke aas paas ke logon ki...Believe you can make it out that I was amongst the aas paas ones. #### actually was feeling bad that I was alone and so always accompanied me so that I do not feel alone [well the truth was I was entertaining him...]. The good news for me was the dinner time ....the meals were served in a very South Indian style on Banana leaf .... You need to wash it with water first, prior eating anything...the sambar and chutneys are far more spicy [read chilly] then the North counterpart. Meals were for 2 kinds of people one who will have dinner and others who will have tiffin....but there was no tiffin in sight nahi toh hum woh bhi pack karwate, kya pata raat mein 03:30 hrs ko bhook lag jaye toh ? ...The explanation was that on Sat night some very good ppl in very olden days started this culture of not eating rice so that some food will be saved and will help poor as this fast will increase India's food reserve. With time ppl started to eat only light food still avoiding heavy meals ...then as more time passed they even included thing made by rice like idly but not direct rice ....so in the present situation they eat anything made from rice on Sat dinner and call that Tiffin. So tiffin just meant eating light food there like Upma, Idly etc etc there itself.Acha the fun was that You can have either dinner or tiffin...ab humko kya pata tha ...pahle thoda dinner hua fir thoda upma hua aur fir thoda idly ...serve karne wala bhi ghoor ghoor kar dekh raha tha ....par ppl kept coming and asking me whether I wanted more or not ...ab fir tum galat soch rahe ho... not because of my health [I still believe that i am healthy not fat]...but because #### told me that here you need to end the meal with Rice and curd ...[OK Ab bata rahe ho !!]So after stuffing self full I needed to eat more rice curd...serving staff ke chahron par woh khushi ki lahar dekhni thi jab maine rice curd order kiya ....Actually mein I made them run a lot I was like "I want chuttney" and they will bring something else ...that white curd coconut chutney is probably called something else there anyways after few dumb charades I did won and the chutney tasted spicy, juicy and tasty...[I mean that's all that matter].

    Night slept peacefully remembering the good old bachelor days for ####....reminded him that I will enjoy this bachelorhood full 25 days longer than him. Morning started early for him at 05:00 ...not that I was allowed to sleep long ....I too was woken up at 06:00 and ordered by #### to bring his belongings to the place where there was Mandap [as we call it]...he was given some room there for getting ready....So the Sudama [read Kashyap] woke up took his friends 2 heavy bags down 2 floors [obviously via lift] and carried it to some 100 m [obviously with CAR]...and handed over to him ....ufff itna kar ke main thak gaya tha aur coffee aaya dulhe ke dost ke liye ...haan haan dulha ke liye bhi aa gaya tha ....

           We got ready... #### se tayar hote hi daat padi ...ek toh yeh apne ko "shaadi ke layak" kapda ka funda hi clear nahin hai ...I mean just took my T shirt with Denim jeans [haan haan dhula liye the...tum bhi na!!]...par bhai sahab #### sahab ne bataya ki shaadi mein "Shaadi layak kapda" pahna jata hai ....Didi ki shaadi mein bhi mere shaadi layak kapda ke liye bahut jato jahat hui thi ....anyways uske baare mein rahne do nahin toh novel chap jayegi. Marriage almost started at 09:00....and it was certainly not like ours marriage ...there was no agni ....no saakchi ....and certainly no fere ....baaki sab theek tha par saakchi hoti toh acha tha :-].....jokes apart ....but it was like a bed-sheet stretched between the bride and groom and then pujaris [8 in total] doing the mantras....They needed to keep some religious dung on their head [no comments] all the time and all used to sprinkle coloured rice on their head as blessing. The pair also had some fun ceremonies like showering coloured rice, thermocols ball on each other head as well as face by blowing them....and the only universal ceremony which i find in every marriage is finding the ring in water....pata nahin kun par har shaadi mein dekhne ko milta hai .....

    There was no Electronic music but actual shahnai and tabla wadak during there marriage ...they were playing the instruments in tune with the marriage...with dhakdhak dhakdhak dhadaam at every critical situation.....the pair is exchanging garlands....dhukdhuk dhuk dhukdhuk dhakdhak dahk dhak and DHADAM ....was quite funny but the idea was to keep the attendees informed ki guppe shapein se bahar aa kar shaadi par dhyaan do....When #### was tying the Mangalsoorta too the same music with quich succession of the drums and shahnai .....and dhadam...

            Every Indian marriage comes with lot of dikhawa ....the south too has not remained untouched ....somehow people believed in telling there rank and degrees a lot there. The next thing was the gold....man ...believe me lag raha tha ki duniya ka sara sona wohi ho....jisko dekho woh gahno se lada hai ....and by this i mean not only the girls but even the male members...thick gold rings, gold chains deliberately kept outside the shirt so that ppl can gaze....and the Moustache....apna #### bhi Chiranjeevi ka bhai hi lag raha tha ....his dress choices too were like that with full bright golden colour shirt during arrival.. [kurta/sherwaani was though a bit North like ]....Bhabhi waise hi bahut dubali hain aur us par unhe sone se laad diya gaya tha ....all through her marriage she was pestered by some or the other jewel slipping ...While bhabhi was busy with this #### was very happy and chanting the mantras, he would play the ceremonial games with ease happily, he would neglect  proper charansparsh and was very happy ....in short he was ecstatic with everything then and there occurring ....with every dhadam his smile would broaden an inch longer ......

         The other thing which was a bit different was the blessing ceremony....I mean the Pujaris told that the ppl can bless the pair and the very next second there was this long line of well wishers literally in que to bless them ...this strictly mean blessing by showering coloured yellow rice on their head ...mazedaar baat yeh hai ki ladkiyan humesha teen baar charansparsh kartein hain but the lazy males only once and that too if the charan are nearby ....#### toh halka bhi effort nahin laga raha tha ki proper charansparsh kare....once this was over ....after some ceremony there was again a long que for gift giving again the same way just that this time those who gave gifts made sure that the photographer took there photos while they handed the gifts ....and finally the que for picture taking ....regular stuff like ppl coming for photographs ...humesha ki tarah isme bhi kisi n kisi rishtedar ko chool mach jata hai ki humko nahin bulaya gaya theek se photo lene ke liye ...and blah blah ...probably these too should be added in the ritual only ....mere yahan toh bahut hota hai ....anyways....thats was in brief about the 24 Carat ####'s Marriage .....

          Now the pair will go to Tirupathi on 31st to donate the money collected before remember ...man toh tha ki main bhi jaoon par #### shaadi hote hi bola....chal foot le ...just joking seriously mat le lena ...meri bhi izzat hai ...main bhi busy aadmi hoon ...abhi orals examinations baaki hai toh main khud mana kar diya woh alag baat hai ki kisi ne poocha nahin tha par woh is liye ki maine mauka nahin diya samjha .....dekho is baar fail karte hain ya paas ....par koi nahin ended the month with good remembering experience....

          But believe me while the trip was hectic I enjoyed it well all alone ....and it does not matter whether if one forgets to calls some1 what matters are wishes that the couple have a bright and happy married life.

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      Happy Mails


      Occasionally I write some happy mails to my friends to lighten my mood and also of the readers. This topic is collection of such happy mails written by me or my friends. Hope you will enjoy.

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