How and why are your votes moderated ?

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    How and why are your votes moderated ?


    After Feb 2014 update, your votes will be moderated.

    Why your votes are moderated ?
    For years we had open voting system, where everyone was genuinely voting for college/companies, but as is getting popular people started to cast fake votes. We have made more advanced algorithm to monitor such fake votes and hence votes are moderated.

    What are the criteria for someone's votes to be approved ?
    First, your profile should be complete. Why ? Because we noticed that users whose votes are biased, visit , leave a wrong grading for any college/company that they are affiliated with, and then never come back again. Such votes never gets counted anymore.
    After your profile is complete, only then you can vote. Our program then checks for any biased signals and personal vendetta against an organization for user. Once the system approves, your votes get counted.

    What are the parameters used to detect fake votes ?
    To prevent misuse of our algorithm, we do not detail everything, but few details are

    1. Incomplete profile
    2. Profile with details only related with voted college/company.
    3. Profile with misleading data
    4. Profiles without any engagement with website
    Are votes not approved, deleted from ?
    Yes ! Most votes awaiting approval, allows a user 12 months time to complete their profile, engage more with website and provide helpful content, if system still thinks that votes are biased, it deletes those votes automatically after 12 months time.

    We sincerely hope that this will keep our community better informed, clean and unbiased.

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