How to add College in Facebook ?

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    How to add College in Facebook ?


    I was wondering how to add new College in Facebook. By adding college in Facebook I do not mean to select the Colleges from the list of Colleges generated by Facebook, but to add a new college not shown by Facebook in the list of Colleges.

    This question made me think how actually Facebook know these colleges e.g. how does it suggest the colleges ? Did it employ someone who sits and finds new school and college to add it in Facebook ? I certainly do not think so ! The other way of doing it is simply asking its users to do it. This seems more acceptable to me.

    A little more search for the same topic revealed that you can add new College in Facebook yourself too. In the present "Time line layout" of your profile find the "Update Info" on the top of the page and click it. Find the text box which says "Where do you go to college/university" start typing the name of the college. When you start typing, Facebook will show the list of the college already in its database. If your college does not show in the suggested college list, just continue typing the complete college name. Once completed either press enter or select from the name of the generated option (only one option with your new college name) just below the text box. Facebook might give you an alert if the name of the college does not start with a Capital letter and will indicate to correct the same.

    Once a new college name is accepted, a new Community page is generated. I tried to add an arbitrary college named "Dinkachika". Wrote complete "Dinkachika" in the textbox, selected the option and the page was generated automatically. Of course I backed out after that and hence the page generated does not show any details other than the "University" but Facebook offers you the options to add more details and save the same in your profile next.

    Once a new college is added, Facebook wants you to fill certain
    mandatory field like "City" and
    other optional details like :
    Time Period
    Graduated or not
    Attended for College or Graduate school

    Once you have filled such details, click the "Add School" button and the Community page details might be modified accordingly. While the College is added not only to Facebook but also to your profile, it is still not clear when will the newly added college start to show in the options of the college. While exact number is difficult to quote but as more students write/select the same name of the college, Facebook (a Community based website) will start to approve the new college added. Hence with more members adding this college, will indicate Facebook to show them in the list of colleges too.How to add College in Facebook

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