Info about Joining Merchant Navy

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Info about Joining Merchant Navy


Respected Sir,
I have recently appeared for my 12th Science HSC exams. I am awaiting my results that will be out by First week of June.

I am willing to JOIN the Merchant Fleet as a Cadet.
I do know that I should have above 60% in 12th.

I have certain Doubted Questions.....Would be great If you Answered ALL of these... :-)

Q1) I wanted to know which colleges would be best to Join for the BSC Nautical Science (3 or 4 years) Degree course in or Around Mumbai.(How About B.P.Marine Belapur OR Tolani Are these colleges Good?)

Q2) Are any kind of Common Entrance Test to be appeared...If yes which and when?

Q3) And my main Question is that there are many students Joining Merchany Navy As cadets Due to this there is Less amount of Jobs Available...So I wanted To Join As a Sponsored Candidate.....where would I Get the list of SPONSORING companies......It Would be geat If you provided a Few Names To Me and their websites......After All it has to do with MY Career. :-)

Thanking You,
Kushal Pandey.

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Rishi Kashyap
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X Joining Merchant Navy as Deck Cadet

Answering in the same order as you asked :

1. List of colleges offering Bsc Nautical sciences can be found in the COURSES tab of Telling which is the best college is the most difficult part though...I will not comment on that as each college has an edge over the other ...While i have started voluntary unbiased grading of the colleges recently but not many users have graded the college....Both BP MArine and Tolani are reputed colleges with long years in training..just inquire about the campus selection records though....

2. Each College have their own requirement, like for TS Chanakya they still want you to come through IIT JEE Exam but other colleges have other you will need to go through each college website ... I would advise once you get the list of colleges from this website then clicking on each college will take you to the contact details of the college . You can get the website address and from there get the requirements for the Common entrance test.   Hope you are not getting confused with the Common entrance test of DNS (Diploma in Nautical Science leading to B. Sc.) !!!

3. Bsc Nautical colleges have their campus selection while DNS college can take both sponsored and non sponsored cadets ....Trust you know the difference ...!! Most companies advertise for Deck cadet in the news paper you can apply through them , get selected and then apply as sponsored cadet in any college offering DNS course...Do not get me wrong but naming any particular company will be like endorsing them (thats how I take it) so sorry ..While i will not name any but whenever you apply to any company do check that they have a RPSL No ...this simply means that the company is approved by DG Shipping can search DG Shipping site for more details about the RPSL and approved companies. I will try to make a list of all RPSL approved companies though soon....

          While I am glad that you want to join the rewarding profession of Merchant Navy and i wish you all the very best for the bright future but please go through the "Better picture of the profession called merchant navy" at forum for actual life onboard.
          Take care and best of luck for your results... hope you pass out with flying colours.

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