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Is PDF Oral Question set protected ?


Yes we have applied 3 protection in each PDF Oral Question set !

Password Protected
Each PDF is password protected. Password for each file is send in an email when you pay and download the PDF Oral Question set.  

Copy Prohibited
Sorry but you cannot copy from PDF Oral question set. If you are preparing notes from the PDF then each question is linked to relevant JAHAJEE page, you can copy the answers from there though. Please always comply with our terms of service.

Printing Prohibited
When we started we planned for collaborative effort by all mariners to help each other, to a certain extent it also worked well. Recently we found our content copied by many websites and it was still OK but when I found our questions being sold by some, we did not like it ! We had a tough time deciding whether to print protect the same or not on feedback of Samiran Saha, but we decided to print protect it primarily due to following reasons.
a) We want to move towards digital preparation ! Printing these questions makes handling them difficult, while PDF files can be copied to any device laptop, tablets and even your mobile phones and study anywhere, anytime !
b) Making it more environment friendly.
c) To prevent selling of printed versions.  

Rishi Kashyap | 3 years ago | EDIT