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Links helpful for Merchant Navy Exam Preparation

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    Links helpful for Merchant Navy Exam Preparation


    Few Links which I generally found helpful during Merchant Navy Master Exam Preparation

    Summary of Status of Convention

    SOLAS Amendments YEAR BY YEAR

    MARPOL Amendments YEAR BY YEAR

    Most of the links for the General Conventions and a brief explanations are given in the right column of the above links. You can get the details of the conventions you want from there, hence am not adding the conventions link here,


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      X OOOfff!!!! Yeh shipping ke Liabilities !!!!

      Lately was confused remembering the various liabilities of Shipping. Tried to consolidate the same. Also adding what INDIA is following....
      Attaching the file for reference. You can view the same by clicking the (File) button below....Also uploading the same so that it can be downloaded for later reference...(From the download Tab)

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        X Re:Links helpful for Merchant Navy Exam Preparation

        For Master (FG) & First Mate (FG) examination go to the following link ( This is the MS Notice no.10 of 1998.

        Link is : http://www.dgshipping.com/dgship/final/notices/note10_98.htm

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