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    While reviewing Manashosting I am sharing my 5 years with them. During these five years the down time was incredibly high and it was really frustrating for me to stick with them.

    They host as many as 400+ websites on the same server and the day your traffic reaches a decent amount (more than 1000) you will start to have other problems like connection timeout for Mysql Database etc.

    For raising the ticket too they give you two options :
    Paid technical support ($3 per issue)
    Free technical  support.

    I fail to understand when the website is down how come Manahosting expect someone to pay $3 for Manashosting Mistake. While I always wanted to write Manashosting review before too but it was 21 May 2013 incident which just frustrated me to the verge of writing this Manashosting review.

    On 21 May 2013 my website yet again stopped working which was hosted on MANASHOSTING LINUX shared hosting. I complained and was told that the Storm at US has hit their power supply and the same will be restored in few hours. Today its 23 May 2013 and still my website is down. The reply they have Due to heavy storm at our USA Data center few of our servers are affected due to abrupt power outage...... To know the current status keep visiting our Data Center Current status page to get the latest update on current activity.....

    The storm has not affected our following clients using these high end packages: Corporate shared hosting, VPS, VDS, DS, cloud VPS, Cloud VDS, Cloud DS, Mail Exchange server, SAAS and our corporate multiplatform resellers since these customers have their websites on high end packages, hence our clients using these packages never faced any downtime due to the current natural calamity....

    ....Good News to all our resellers, all the websites are working fine....

    So indirectly they agree that :
    1. They provide poor service to individual shared hosting.
    2. You keep visiting our Data Center Current status page.
    3. Switch to premium customer or else always suffer.
    4. Better be a reseller or Affiliate for better service !

    Manashosting technical support is the worse support you can have. Most of time you are teaching them than they solving your problem! They follow Murphy's law "If you cannot convince him, confuse him". Manashosting technical support will throw high level jargons at you so that you accept whatever idiotic things they say and just shut up. I deliberately spread my various website with 2-3 webhosts so that I can compare them.

    Manashosting reviews at other websites too grade them with minimum grade. For now I am stuck with them as my website is not opening, My FTP, Mysql links are not working and I am unable to transfer to other host  ;-( Sure they could not predict US Storm but how come their own website never fails but all shared hosting websites does. Now I can afford to shift the service and sure will, the day they start my website. I hope someone is helped by this Manashosting review !MANASHOSTING Review

    Rishi Kashyap | 7 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
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      Really I have also the similar problems. Since more than 45 days my domain is not working. technical team giving wrong feedback or information. Still my website is not working. Pl. taking any services from, Pl. think.... I wasted time and money for getting support from them. They are not supporting for share hosting.
      I am reseller eventhough they are not providing proper support.
      Complain booking are also seen by same people who help technical support.
      Really if you want correct feedback... you can contact me so I will give you all the details.
      I have all the images/proof of the tickets... Their technical team is not giving support but they are blocking or creating hurdle for working of site. Giving wrong feedback, edited images to cheat the customers.

      Dk Shah | 6 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
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      Place your review on above link too.. we have to nail these fraud people (manshosting)

      Sachin Kumar | 6 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
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      Manashosting is super cheat & fraud group. It sucks customer's money & time. I lost more than Rs 7600 by purchasing their fraud services. If you have any doubt then contact me on 9815269973

      Inder Singh | 5 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
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      Hi Friends,

      I was with manashosting since 2011. For the last 2 years I am suffering terrible experiences with them. Frequent website downtime, sometimes days. My website rankings with google went down substantially. Everyday I have to raise tickets(There is no chat or telephone options for technical support.) and wait for days to get a reply. One time I raise a ticket that website is inaccessible. Then I get a reply after 4 days saying website is fine. I have 4 days downtime. This happens 24/7. Next day again website goes down. I have no other job than raising tickets and complaints. But no use. Now my domain and hosting is with another company and I am totally satisfied with it. This review is to help others so that they should not get trapped with manashosting.

      Anybody need proof for all these please contact me. I have chat history and tickets saved with me to show how irresponsible they are. I am still a customer of manashosting. Because I have paid for 10 years validity. I am running now some unimportant websites since I cannot trust them. All the above experinces are 100% genuine. Anybody can mail me to for details. I prepared a mail with attachments as proof for you. (Because came with a page showing all negative reviews are not genuine. This is completely wrong. They are cheaters.)

      Jabelu Firoz  

      Jabelu Firoz | 4 years ago | EDIT | REPLY

    X Manashosting Review - Complaint Booking

    Started to review Manashosting on 21 May 2013 and even after 5 days of down time my website is still not working. So I decided to book a complain also with their support system and am attaching the form where Manashosting shamelessly admits that you can complain only if the technical team did not respond to your complaints for 7 days max. So in Manashosting terms it is OK for them with 7 days long outage. What action do they take after complaint to them : "Nothing !".

    What is their Data Center Current status page reporting After a great power surge which took place in our data center we have successfully restored the service back within a short span of time. Obviously the claims are all false and am sure that more shared hosting websites, like me are still frustrated and awaiting for the website to start working. I will follow later with more updates, when I finally got my website up and running and more Manashosting review.Manashosting Review Complaint Booking

    Rishi Kashyap | 7 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
      X Manashosting Review - Manashosting Complaint Results

      So what does raising support ticket to Manashosting does. Nothing !! Whether you raise a complaint ticket or a support ticket you can remain assured nothing is going to happen. I am attaching a complete support/complaint ticket page which I kept raising every 12 hrs or so praying they restart the website. After 8 days, still they are unable to get my website up and working. Trust me few days shutdown is very common with Manashosting, really Cheap webhosting Company.Manashosting Review Manashosting Complaint Results

      Rishi Kashyap | 7 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
        X Manashosting Review - 10 days and website is still down

        Just had a super-heated talk with MANASHOSTING support team and as usual their reply was
        Sir the problem was with Data server. You have to wait "little more". When asked how do you define "Little more" the reply was "few hours" ....Ya sure I mean 10 days amount to 240 hours only ...The biggest problem I am stuck with now is that I cannot change my Host. All the datas and scripts stuck with them and all I am advised to do is be patient "Little more". I think Manashosting technical support are Yoga experts who can detail you how to control your anger by doing Pranayam but cannot get the server up and working.

        Manashosting Server current status Page falsely stating nowWe realize that there are always things that can go wrong. But we worked hard behind the scenes and drawing on our 10 years of experience we took preventative action to avoid service disruptions. While we did not face any major issues, we strived to be as responsive and transparent as possible with timely updates on our site as well as by intimating all our customers through mail, chat, ticket calls and sms.So even after 10 years of experience they are unable to start my Linux Shared hosting website after 10 days.

        Of course I have filed a Consumer complaint against them but I know how things work in India. If only I could lodge a criminal case against Manashosting !!!

        Rishi Kashyap | 7 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
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          Hi, I am also going through with same issue as you and had too many calls to them.. nothing works, I even raised ticket for refund but they are just escaping it and not accepting any downtime now.

          I wanted to file a fraud case against them from PUNE, let me know the formality. I will go for it

          Sachin Kumar | 7 years ago | EDIT | REPLY
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          Manashosting support staff is really friendly. The up time is satisfactory. Good control panels are available. The pricing is reasonable. Although there might be rare occasions of downtime, they are responsive and work overtime to maintain the promised up time. The communication during down time is speedy and allows customers to make alternate arrangements.

          Ajay Shastri | 6 years ago | EDIT | REPLY

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