MMD Cochin DC Endorsement

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    X regarding dc endorsement

    Is dc endorsement at cochin is at mmd or imei  

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      MMD Cochin DC Endorsement


      Sharing my DC Endorsement experience in MMD Cochin. Have a good days rest and of course,hold on to your patience totally. You will be needing a lot of it at MMD Cochin !

      1. Endorsements done on Monday and Wednesdays. You apply on monday you will get it on Wednesday and if you apply Wednesday, then you will get it on Friday.

      2. This guide is mainly for Deck Guys. Engine people need to attach original medical certificate whereas deck people need to attach a xerox.

      3. Unlike in MMD Mumbai DCE, MMD Cochin does not have any restriction as to what you can wear. Its ok even if you wear sneakers and jeans etc. ;-)

      4. Keep documents ready. List of required documents and application form attached.

      5. Medical certificate need to be valid.Recommended place to do the Medicals is Metro Medi,Iyattil Junction,Near Lawrence and Mayo,Chittoor Road,Cochin. The place is open from 0945 to 1730. Check DG approved Doctors in Cochin for others.

      6. They have started asking Seafarers Registration details now. Take a printout of it as you go.

      7. If you have a bike or car, its the best mode of transportation. {apart from ships that is :) } MMD Cochin is in Wellingdon Island.If you are going by Bus, look for red buses written Island on it. Aim to reach the place by 0930 latest being 1130. MMD Cochin is the last stop for most of the buses.

      8. Collect the application forms( samples attached) and challan forms. Challan forms are to be registered in a book so wait for your turn.

      9. In Cochin MMD, you can do the DC Endorsement for Oil,Chemical,Gas together at the same time. You need to have two separate copies of all certificate required. However just one challan form is only required. If you are submitting both Oil and chemical, take a xerox of challan and to one set attach the original challan and other set attach xerox. Also note that bank charges remain same i.e. 60 Rs no matter how many endorsements you are requesting.

      10. Challan needs to be taken to a Syndicate bank approximately 10 Minutes walk from the location. Next to Syndicate bank is a shop selling Tea Powder. You can get Challan xeroxed from there.

      11. Head back to MMD Cochin, sit down and fill in the application form, arrange the supporting documents as per the checklist. Self attest each and every photostat. Keep challan on top. Punch a hole and tie it using thread available there loosely( that is very important)

      12. By about 1230 lady will come and ask people to stand in queue. Its separate for Deck and Engine. She will ask you to open the original certificate and will verify then and there. It will be common thing that she will ask do that do this change it there etc. Hence advised to tie the application form loosely :)
        ( I had to go back and forth thrice) .

      13. Once she verified it, she will ask you to report back by 1600 for sticking the photo and signing the certificate. You can roam around the Island meanwhile or head to Merchant Navy club for a beer or meals ( By the way, you get a 5 Rs discount if you say you are a mariner there. There are better bars nearby. ) You can also walk to embarkation jetty, sit there etc.

      14. In my experience reporting back at 1600 was waste, as they appeared only at 1730. But then you never know, they seems to surprise you all the time.
        Carry Fevistick with you.You will be presented two copies( or four if you have two endorsements). Stick your picture and sign it. Check thoroughly for any mistakes. Report if any found. Hand it back.She may ask you to sign a register.

      15. You will be asked to come after 2 days ( i.e. if you are submitting on monday, then wednesday). Reach the place on time and wait until they decide to come out. They will start calling out name and then hand over your Endorsements. Write on original,"endorsement received on so and so date" . Take other copy with you.

      16. Voila, give a pat on your back, say congrats to yourself, you have just successfully completed a daring task and obtained DC Endorsements at MMD Cochin. Thank the people, say goodbye and hope you never ever meet them :)
      MMD Cochin DC EndorsementOIL DCE in MMD Cochin Checklist (rar) [464.8 KB]

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