Merchant Navy Agents on a rock n roll

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    Merchant Navy Agents on a rock n roll


    One matter which is making lot of buzz these days is Merchant Navy Agents. Well earlier Merchant Navy agents were only limited to carry out the work related to providing guidance to seafarers on different countries, but now their role is surely going in the grave uncertainty.

    How ? Well as I was talking to fellow cadets, the word Agent came out many times from their mouth. I could not believe that, but if it is there, it is there ! They were talking about agents, asking somewhere around Rs 3.5 lakh or more to assure jobs to cadets in some shipping company in India. They are now like a net over employment sector of shipping and worse thing is that, new lads are the one who they are targeting most, because experienced chaps needs no agents as they are readily hired by companies.

    So for knowledge of reader, I have some rough data. Suppose a deck cadet doing 1 year course for 4 Lakh (Generally this is the fees) and now when he wants to board a ship, he or she needs to pay say 3 lakh (To Merchant Navy Agent), total expenses jump to 7 lakh in one year and this is too much !

    And for Engine cadets who is paying  12 Lakh  fees (Generally) + 3 lakh to an agent, total is 15 lakh. Now looking at these numbers, I can see where shipping sector is going and how we are treating our so called ‘Coming Future’ !  

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