Need info on contracts of Shipping Companies

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    Need info on contracts of Shipping Companies


    i want to join merchant navy.
    i have heard that shipping companies sign contracts of few months.
    does this mean that so they can sack us after few months also?
    plz provide ur valuable info on this..
    thanks - raj

    Raj Km | 8 years ago | EDIT | REPLY

      X Contracts of shipping Companies

      Friend, Going by the assumption that you are joining as a trainee here are the general contract duration for various ranks in Merchant Navy :

      Captain : 3-5 months
      Chief Officer : 3-5 months
      Second Officer : 5-7 months
      Third Officer : 5-7 months
      Deck Cadet : 6 or 9 or 12 months (depends from company to company)

      Chief Engineer : 3-5 months
      Second Engineer : 3-5 months
      Third Engineer : 5-7 months
      Fourth Engineer : 5-7 months
      Engine Cadet : 6 or 9 or 12 months (depends from company to company)

      All other Crew (including but not limited to Chief Cook, GS, Bosun, Pump-man, AB, OS, Oiler, Wiper etc.) : 8-10 months

      As for the "Sack" part generally you are in the probationary period for 3 months and if you are sacked during that period then you will have to bear the part of your repatriation and might be even for the reliever joining. If you are sacked after 3 months of joining (probationary period) then the company should bear the cost of repatriation.

      The above contract duration are general trend in merchant navy but it varies from company to company. Even in the same company the contracts may vary for different types of ship e.g. it is difficult to quote exactly what you are asking for.

      One more thing, if you are thinking of joining Merchant Navy remember to join a company with RPSL NO (List of which can be found at
      and yes do not worry of getting sacked ...Maritime industry ain't that merciless ;-)

      Rishi Kashyap | 8 years ago | EDIT | REPLY