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Preparing for Masters.....Info you need to know...!!!

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    X Sea-time requirement for Merchant Navy Master Examination


    Made a calculator now, please checkout Sea-time Calculator (Nautical)

    I will quote from the DG Shipping site itself and my interpretation of the same:
    Minimum Age :  18
    1. Candidate must hold certificate of competency as a first mate (FG) on ship of 500 GT or more.
    2. Approved sea service as an officer in charge of navigational watch on ships of 500 GT or more of not less than 3 yrs. However, this period may reduced to not less than 30 months of pro-rata, if not less than 1 yr of such service has been performed as a chief mate.
    3. Minimum 12 months of approved sea-going service as an officer in charge of a navigational watch on ships of 500 GT or more after delivery of First Mate (FG) COC.
    4. Shiphandling /Manoeuvring Simulator course, Advanced Ship Management course , written and oral examination.
    The above details can be found after login in from the following webpage of E Samudra (D.G. SHIPPING) :
    Then clicking the "Examination" link under the Seafarer Column
    Then clicking on the "Application for Eligibilty Assessment"
    You can make your selection and find the above details. Sorry but was not able to find any direct link to the same.

    I interpret this as follows -

    Point 1. is self explanatory.
    Point 2. simply means that You should have served minimum 36 months onboard a ship of GT >500 (FG). The second part is confusing and I will explain in the end. For now, just remember that if you have done 12 months as Merchant Navy First Mate (read Chief Officer) then this time may be reduced to 30 months.
    Point 3. After your Mates COC you need to sail for minimum 12 months irrespective of your rank. Please note here that it is after the “delivery”, I am not very clear whether "delivery" means the issuance of COC or sailing after receiving the COC. Personally I would suggest to take your COC then only go for sailing (Better not to take any chances with MMD...)
    Point 4. You should have completed SMS, ASM and passed in your written and Orals Examination ...

    Now take few examples to explain.
    Mr A, Mr B, Mr C and Mr D got their COC on the same day and start to sail on the same day as a "officer in-charge of navigational watch ".  Note here that none are sailing at support level (Rating) and hence their sea time is getting counted from that very day.
    Now all complete their 18 months also on the very same day (I know that it is sounding too hypothetical), but only Mr A went for Mates exam others had their own problems and reasons to sail 1-2 contracts more prior Mates Examination.
    Now Mr B after 21 months went for Mates exam ,
    followed by Mr C after 28 months
    followed by Mr D after 36 months.
    It is totally irrespective for sea-time calculation whether you sail as 2nd Mate or 3rd Mate.

    The difference starts AFTER THIS STAGE….
    At this stage lets again bring them together. All now have cleared their mates and have valid First Mate (FG) COC. I know it is hard to imagine as to what was Mr A doing for 18 months ? So let’s assume he started his company and tried some business and got involved Mr B and Mr C too. Business demanded more fund and so all need to sail again and so yet again Mr A, Mr B ,Mr C and Mr D are going to sail on the same day. The question is what is the Minimum and Max sailing requirements so for each to appear for Merchant Navy Master’s Examination or for ASM course? We will take one by one.

    Mr A:
    If he joins directly as a Merchant Navy First mate then sea-time required is 12 months (as per the latter part of point 2 to complete 30 months in total) ,while if he joins as 2/O or 3/O and continues to sail at the same rank then it will be 18 months (to complete 36 months as per first part of point 2 above).
    The first case is his Min and the second case is his Max.
    For the cases which lie between these extremes like if he gets promoted let’s say after 6 months to C/O, so till now he has done 18+6=24 months and for completing remaining sea-time of 12 months  he needs to sail 12/1.5 = 8 months more. He is not fulfilling the second part of point 2 and so he is required to calculate the same on “Pro-rata” basis. So total sailing required 6+8=14 months.

    Mr B:
    If he joins directly as a Merchant Navy First mate then sea-time required is 12 months (as per point3 and hence satisfying second part of point 2 also), while if he joins as 2/O or 3/O and continues to sail at the same rank then it will be 15 months (to complete 36 months as per first part of point 2 above).
    The first case is his Min and the second case is his Max.
    For the cases which lie between these extremes like if he gets promoted let’s say after 2 months to C/O, so till now he has done 21+2=24 months and for completing remaining sea-time of 12 months  he needs to sail 12/1.5 = 8 months more. So total sailing =10 months ….wait this is not satisfying point 3 so he needs to sail extra 2 months e.g. 12 months full in this case too.

    Mr C:
    If he joins directly as a Merchant Navy First mate then sea-time required is 12 months (as per point3), while if he joins as 2/O or 3/O and continues to sail at the same rank then it will be 12 months again (again because of point 3).
    The first case is his Min and the second case is his Max.
    Since Min/Max is same 12 months  Mr C is having no confusion for the cases which lie between these extremes.

    Mr D:
    If he joins directly as a Merchant Navy First mate then sea-time required is 12 months (as per point3), while if he joins as 2/O or 3/O and continues to sail at the same rank then it will be 12 months again (again because of point 3).
    The first case is his Min and the second case is his Max. One thing to note here is that Mr C has already completed his 36 months and the only reason he cannot go directly for Master Exams is because of Point 3.
    Since Min/Max is same 12 months Mr D too is having no confusion for the cases which lie between these extremes.

    In short, if you have sailed more than 24 months as Junior officer and then go for your exams you just missed the advantage which you were getting from the second part of the Point 2. Anything after 24 months is not getting added anywhere for sea-time calculations for Merchant Navy Master Examinations. Anything in between 18 months to 24 months after Second Mate Exams needs pro-rata calculation based on Point 2.

    Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY
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      Hello everyone, Its well clear "Delivery" of COC is exactly means if u have the Mate COC in your hand, Seatime will be counted for ASM after delivery of COC, well confirmed with Kolkata MMD, Thanks

      Rahul Prakash | | EDIT | REPLY
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      Hi rishi
      After my mates CoC I have sailed 7 months as second mate and 9 months as mate . Will you pl let me know if I can apply for ASM. My total sea time is 34 months. Also when I open the DG shipping guidelines I did not got the 3rd point mentioned by you. There is only second point mentioned.

      Hemant Soni | | EDIT | REPLY
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      Hi friend, thanks for your query and reminding that the seatime-calculator link was not working. We got lot of query regarding the same doubt and so later we created Sea-time Calculator. Hope it helps you out.

      As per feedback of Rahul Prakash above and Praveen Ojha please note that ASM time gets calculated after delivery of Mates COC. We are overdue to update that page, hope to resume work within coming months. Let us know if you still have any doubt. Best of luck  

      Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY
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      Hi, please help me with my peculiar situation.
      I had 25 months before Mates.
      After delivery of Coc : I sailed 4 months as 2/0 and 8.5 months as C/O.
      Please confirm that i meet the requirements.
      Thank you
      Arunabh Kumar  

      Arunabh Kumar | | EDIT | REPLY
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      Hi Arunabh , we highly recommend you to complete your profile and then check STCW 2010 seatime calculator. It will not only show you how the calculation for required Master Exam is done but guide you of other STCW 2010 Courses and much more.

      With whatever details you have told, it seems like you can go for Captain Examination now ! Best of luck friend.  

      Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY


    Preparing for Masters.....Info you need to know...!!!


    Dear Friends...the following is my experience while preparing  for Merchant Navy Master's COC.
    Just for records I am presently doing my Masters ASM from Kolkata and am giving these information to help others in this process.
     The forum is NOT about the doubts and discussion for Merchant Navy Masters Orals or written examination but to the courses, procedures, assessment and booking for the Master's examination.

    Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY
      X Assessment for Merchant Navy Master Examination

      When we went for assessment there was lot of confusion for online assessment form. We actually were still confused till today and so I am writing my experience again:

      You need to first submit the fees in the MMD and obtain the NUMBERED CHALLAN as the challan number need to be fed in the Online system for the application of assessment.

      We were given the following link for filling the online form :
      however the same can be found by going to the www.dgshipping.com and clicking on the eSamudra link on the right top menu of the page, but there is a catch here too. In this case everything looks same but you need to add ":8000" after the  ""...If you do not do this then the "examination" link will not be accessible (Came to know about this after 3 days of wasting time)

      1. Prior applying you need to register :
        You can directly click the “Seafarer Registration” or
        You can click on “New User” and then select the SEAFARER  from the dropdown box.
        Note here that the password will go to your e-mail id and so be careful with this id.
        Once registration is completed you will get the confirmation of the password sent to your email-Id .Get the  password and login now from the above said link again. You can reset your password.

      2. After login now you can click on the “Examination” link under the "Seafarer" Column.

      3. Now There will be a link “Seafarer Update Profile” .You need to click that and start filling the required details .This basically includes
          -MODULAR COURSE : Here I only filled the following 6 courses as they were told to me at MMD: PSSR, PSCRB, GMDSS(GOC), AFF, MEDICARE, RANSCO and SMS (if completed)
          -SEAGOING SERVICE : Again I filled only the latest seatime which were required for calculation. While the Official Number and IMO number are not marked mandatory yet they are required and if you do not know then you can get the details from the following site :www.equasis.org (needs registration) or www.q88.com
          -POST SEA TRAINING DETAILS : ASM (if done) else Not required
          -ON BOARD TRAINING : Not required
          -RATING CERTIFICATE : Not required
          -CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCY : Here you need to fill both your Mates as well as Second Mate COC details. If you do not have Second mate COC details then the details can be found from your mates COC only just the delievered date you will have to remember.
      4. Now you will be directed to the home page.

      5. Click on the “Application for Eligibility Assessment”.
        If you need to check again then click “Update Profile” else click “Continue”.
        You can choose from the drop down boxes and click "next".
        Here you are now asked for mode of payment. Select Challan and now feed the challan number which you got on the challan while submitting the fees (mentioned above).

      6. Once completed You will get the application number and acknowledgment. Finally you can take the print out by clicking on the “Print application (Form 15)”.
        If you want to take printout later then follow No 7

      7. You can always see your application status by clicking on the “View application link” and then “View Application Details” now you can print the application form by clicking on the “Print application (Form 15)”.

      8. The print out of the same need to be attached with the attested certificates and submitted to the Respective MMD.
      Few things to note:
      A) The site works well with INTERNET EXPLORER ONLY. I tried with the Mozilla Firefox but the popup dates calendar were not showing correctly. I did not try Google Chrome or Netscape so no idea about that.
      B) The site requires decent internet speed and still it is frustrating. While the connection might get broken but do not worry with every "next" click or "Add" clicks everything is getting saved.
      C) The * marks are the only mandatory field, the only exception to it is the "Seagoing service" which actually requests for either IMO or Official Number of the ship which is not marked as mandatory.
      D) After submitting everything my full id and email everything was deleted from the system and I started to curse the system. I registered again and finally found all the details still intact there. So do not worry….

      Hope this clarifies a bit and is helpful. Would appreciate if you can add any information beneficial to other Merchant Navy Officers and Master Aspirants. Best Of Luck.

      Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY

        While I was very happy when they told me that I need to apply for assesment online, it was only start of all the confusion, trouble and extra rounds which we needed to make to MMD.

        The previous experience for the online assessment (to remove a little confusion) was just one of them. At Kol MMD they needed the printout b4 the end of a particular date. That date was even before the completion of ASM and SMS course. So as told before, we skipped the ASM and SMS details. Took the print out and submitted. Later waited for almost 10-15 days to get the application rejected.
        Initially we were told that the processing will be done by Mumbai MMD. Later when the month end approached and nothing happened, all the Merchant Navy Master candidates complained about the delay and we found that Kol MMD only rejecting our Forms online. I will write few more problems,including this which we faced and hope it helps others during their application procedure :

        [1] While Merchant Navy Master aspirants(FG) were able to apply online for assessment without the ASM and SMS just to take a printout, the submitted form can only be re-applied or any other application for booking can only be done, once the previous assessment form is either accepted or rejected online. This is the normal procedure but for us it took them really long to process our forms.
        [2] We were told initially at MMD Kol that MMD Mumbai will process the form but later found MMD Kol authorised to do the processing of the submitted form.
        [3] I personally thought that the system would be made in such a way that the system will check the eligibility and avoid any chances of human error. Well this is certainly not the case!!
        One of my batchmate did not do SMS and applied only for Writtens. His form was rejected telling he need to complete the SMS course. No need to say that he had to run 2 days to MMD and then got his form accepted. This simply means that there is "someone" still deciding whether some course needed to be done prior written/oral booking. I also observed the same confusion between different MMDs that is that "Someone" at Mumbai MMD saying something and accepting/rejecting accordingly while the other "Someone" at Kol MMD saying something else and doing accordingly. I am not in touch with any candidate of Chennai so no idea what so ever about Chennai MMD.
        [4] It is only when your assessment form is accepted online then can you apply for Writtens, Orals and Eye test.
        [5] Eye test was told to us to be completed before writtens. Later again it was informed to us that Merchant Navy Master candidates can appear for writtens without eye test. Most of us did not took chance and had already done eye test.
        [6] Those who paid in different challan for eyetest,orals and written found it difficult to get the print out of the admit card. One candidate was not getting the printout of the writtens Admit card from the system and had to go to MMD an extra day for it.
        [7] Even when the application got accepted the links might be broken or not working sometimes. One candidate waited till the last day for printing his admit card for writtens. 2-3 hrs prior exams he found that the link was not working and had to rush to MMD. Admit card was given personally in the non-online format after confirming the authenticity of the candidate.
        [8] Even though the applications were done online but still the payment needs to be done in the MMD Bank only. Not only that you need to personally submit that Challan to MMD. This simply means that you need to personally go to MMD for any booking, just to submit the Challan.
        [9] The link is too hard to remember and the webpage works only on Internet Explorer.

        Having said that it is not all bad news. To me it seems a new start and a welcome initiative by MMD, though with initial hiccups. The bright side of the picture which I could see is:
        [1] While presently the payment is only off-line mode but the system is so developed that online payment can easily, and probably will be, intigrated in near future.
        [2] The seatime calculation is done by the system and human error is avoided. No confusion in this regards now.
        [3] The seatime requirements can easily be checked while applying for assessment.
        [4] Probably the system might be upgraded to remove lot of above mentioned problems and other problems which other Merchant Navy Master aspirants experienced.

        Well though I have never been known to be an optimist but I have to end this note saying that this effort of DG Shipping and MMD is a much awaited requirement of the time. Sure few bugs and problems will need to be borne by initial batches like us but with our feedback (read problems) and with time system can only improve and future batches will be better-off than us.

        Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY

          OK..... so MMD corrected that link problem. Now the link for online assessment and booking can directly be accessed from the www.dgshipping.com and clicking the eSamudra Link. No need to add that "8000" as told before.
          The new direct link is

          If you cannot find the eSamudra link then check again that you are using Internet Explorer Browser and not any other browser.

          Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY
            X Notes for MMD Orals Preparation

            Sure please check  MMD / MCA Orals for collection of questions . Lately have started another forum where I was posting and leaving some of my collections/notes and other info/links for Master's MMD Orals Preparation . Hope it is helpful....


            Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY
              X Applying for MASTER COC and Expenses for the ASM

              Finally the much awaited thing did happen and I have somehow managed to pass the Maritime MMD Oral Examination !!! I have applied for the Master COC and am starting a topic for applying and documentation for any Certificate and Endorsement at any MMD.

              Details for the MASTER'S COC Application can be found at :

              Total Expenses for Master (ASM) Exam/COC

              PRICE - REASON
              9,000 - Fees for ASM
              22,525 - Fees for SMS
              1,000 - Assessment at MMD
              6,000 - Writtens Booking (1 attempt)
              6,000 - Orals Booking (1 attempt)
              1,000 - COC Application
              45,525 + Living and other Expenses as required.

              Getting Master COC.....priceless :-)

              Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY
                X Master (FG) Written Syllabus

                Just found this link at DG Shipping.
                It details the syllabus for MASTER FG (WRITTEN). While not complete but gives a brief idea


                Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY
                  X Re: Master (FG) Written Syllabus

                  With reference to your explanation regarding M/s A, B, C, D below, I totally agree that in India there is no use of doing more sea-time as a junior officer.
                  However One of my Master did his exams at Australia where he went for his mates after 37 months as junior off. When he went for his orals, he was asked if he wants to appear for Master's Orals, which he did and got his master's COC.
                  I believe this is the same in UK also where you only need to have mate COC and if your total sea-time is 36 months (as specified in STCW) you can appear for master's.
                  However Indian MMD has to prove that they are better at harassing their mariners and have come up with all sorts of complications in issuance of Licences to mariners.

                  Akhil Bartaria | | EDIT | REPLY

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