Qnet Scam ?

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    Qnet Scam ?


    Is Qnet scam or legitimate business ? Typing "Qnet is" in Google suggests "Qnet Scam" indicating what the people are searching for. This was the first thing I did after meeting a Qnet IR yesterday.

    My cousin sister called me to "partner" with her in an e-commerce venture and to meet her senior regarding this. In evening I joined her in a coffee shop. After waiting for half an hour the IR came and ordered a coffee for himself and things started to become more clear.
    Below is my experience of meeting that Qnet IR and I will leave the decision on to you whether Qnet is Scam or not !Qnet Scam

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      X Qnet IR talks in jargon

      Qnet IR or Individual Representative was dressed in suit and tie with bulky wrist watch and 3-4 Mobile Phones !! He talked with an authority and talked things which made no sense at all !

      He asked about me and few things about my profession (this way he could know how much can I actually invest). This followed by  Robert Kiyosaki's famous quadrant about the Employee, Self employed Personnel, Business man and Investor. Obviously majority including you are poor employees. A chart with Time and Money as parameter followed :

      • Unemployed people have Time but no money
      • Over qualified employees have money but no time
      • Normal employees have neither money nor time (you and I fall into this category)
      • Investors and rich people have both.
      Of course you and I have to go from Employee to Business / Investor (wealth is here) and the easiest way is to enter a Multi level marketing network like Qnet !

      Qnet IR told me how Qnet is not a pyramid system but a binary system. The difference being that the percentage of earning does not diminish as more people join under you, rather a fixed bonus will be given every time someone joins under you and under them and so on. He showed the example using the famous chess board data adding double the amount in every square to show the accumulated cash in crores of INR (read billions !).

      Obviously the IR was well versed to confuse you with technical jargon and selling of Qnet products would be referred in Business value (BV). The system is binary but you can add more "tracking centers" by purchasing more. The talk was more about the money and people getting added into the multi level marketing system than the business which Qnet does, confusing me whether Qnet is Scam !

      I am a share investor and fan of Warren Buffet. I never invest in any company whose business I do not understand, so I dug deeper into the business of Qnet. Qnet IR told me that the Business is "simple but not easy" (Famous Buffet Quote itself). According to the Qnet IR, Qnet would make profit by selling their products online and rather than spending the money on advertising it is directly selling the product to its customer. Qnet asks its customer to spread the word by mouth. In simple words, the money saved in advertising would be distributed to its IR. Each IR is given a code once he makes any purchase on its website www.qnet.net  but for making any purchase too he needs to get the code of a previous registered IR. This way it is easier to track the purchase made, commission/bonus and earning of each Qnet IR. Of course Qnet products and services made no sense to me but I will detail later about that.

      One more jargon thrown by the IR was that I would become the Partner of the Qnet service. I asked about the deed and legal formalities involved and immediately he shifted gear back to say that term "Partner" is just for saying so and I would not become an actual partner in the business sense. Obviously I will not get dividends like I get in shares. The Qnet IR did not take pain to show me the website and its products when asked to, since he realized that I was totally uninterested. He reminded me of Murphy's law "If you cannot convince him confuse him".

      On my way back with my cousin I realized that she already invested in Qnet services and I was unable to explain her that by joining Qnet she could never come into the Business or an investor side but have to still work as an employee and probably much harder than what she is doing now. I was unable to explain her the MLM networking chain nor that as the number of Independent Representatives (IR) increases, finding more IR's becomes harder and harder, until those that join late are unable to recover even their initial outlay and the model collapses.source : www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qnet

      To explain her, later I made simple webpages at MLM Multi level Marketing

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        X Qnet Products and services

        When back at home I checked Qnet Products and services and was again confused is Qnet Scam ?
        The products and services were categorized and includes :

        1. Energy
        2. >> Amezcua : Had something related with wellness and divine products !!
          >> Veloci-Ti : Had some divine pendant for sports and energy advertised by retired cricketer.
          >> iCheck : Wellness diagnostic device measuring some sort of energy withing you.
          # Needed Qnet login Code to see price for any Qnet products, hence unable to compare !

        3. Luxury and Collectibles
        4. >> Bernhard H. Mayer Collection : Watches and Jewellery
          >> Himalayan Crystal Collection : Pendants (ain't they come under jewellery ?)
          >> Umayal Collection : Jewellery again !!
          # Qnet Login Code was required to see price for any Qnet products, hence unable to compare !

        5. Weight Management
        6. >> Toning belt : Removes extra fat from you without much effort !
          >> Toning Gel : Used with toning belt, useless without it perhaps !
          >> Energy Jelly : Energy gel drink ????
          >> Meal Shakes : It curbs your appetite without "yo yo" effect !
          >> Health and wellness course : Will guide you to nutrition and fitness, available free on internet anyways.
          # Needed Qnet login Code to see price for Qnet products, hence unable to compare !

        7. Fashion Accessories
        8. >> Adiva Divine : Jewellery yet again !!
          # Qnet Login Code required for comparing price for any Qnet products, hence unable to compare !

        9. Nutrition
        10. >> Ole : Promises to increase immunity
          >> FibreFit : Adding fibre to your diet for healthy digestive system.
          >> NutriSky : Again has something which is good for your health !!!!
          # Needed Qnet login Code to see price for any Qnet products, hence unable to compare !

        11. Holidays
        12. >> QVI Points : I am really sorry it was too difficult for me to understand their "easy-to-use holiday redemption product"
          >> QVI Club : Qnet holiday club
          >> Q-breaks : Qnet holiday package
          # Qnet Login Code was required to see price for any Qnet products, hence unable to compare !

        13. Personal Care
        14. >> BioSilver Gel : skin cleanser and sanitizer.
          >> Phsio Radiance : skin care device making your skin capable of self repair !!! Then what will BioSilver do ?
          # Needed Qnet login Code to see price for any Qnet products, unable to compare !

        15. Education
        16. >> Swiss eLearning Institute : Some ONLINE courses offered by some Institute never heard. Are they recognized in India ?
          # Needed Qnet login Code to see price for any Qnet products, unable to compare !

        17. Home Care
        18. >> HomePure : Water purifier
          >> AirPure : Air purifier
          # Qnet Login Code was required to see price for any Qnet products, unable to compare !
        Evaluating the business in itself was not easy as the Qnet products price cannot be compared with other substitute. Also when Qnet products talk of wellness, luxurious watches, jewellery and divine products then the pricing cannot be debated by common sense. Trust you will agree that high priced products are always difficult to sell to common man.

        The biggest flaw in their eCommerce venture is that their products will never show up on google as each product wants user to login for more details. This is an additional overhead for a consumer, a strict NO NO for e-commerce business. My cousin supported this by saying that login code would make the tracking of the Multi level marketing stages and Commission. This again raises one very good question, are they selling products or does Qnet simply wants more connections and IR ?

        I explained my cousin that nobody search for "Qnet" or "Qnet Products" but they search for "Holiday packages" or "e-learning institute" or "fat reduction belt" and qnet products will never show in those search results hence less selling of products. Even if someone wants to buy a Qnet products, he needs to know a Qnet IR login Id, so less business again.

        One more thing which bothered me was the efficiency of the programming. Making such a website or e-commerce portal takes hardly 30,000 to 40,000 INR (800-1000 $) in India. So, if the code miscalculates the buying of Qnet Products you will never come to know. Qnet themselves have a bad historical reputation. Q Net is the main subsidiary of the QI Group and was founded in Hong Kong by Dato' Vijay Eswaran in 1998. It was initially known as GoldQuest, then QuestNet. Both Goldquest and QuestNet were banned in India and they closed their offices in India few years ago.

        I would recommend you to go through
        • www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnBbHv9WLyc
        • www.consumercomplaints.in/complaints/qnet-c672294.html
        • www.questnetscam.blogspot.in/2011/10/maths.html
        • www.vandruff.com/mlm.html
        Even then, the product seems just a device to make the networking legal, the system would not collapse even without the product. Most MLM companies want you to pay annual / monthly fees to receive bonus, products or service. Simply pay for your one-year IRship Package, which includes your online Business Planner and Product Portfolio consisting of an array of multimedia presentations, videos and brochures.(source: www.qnet.net)

        To prove this, later I made simple webpages at MLM Multi Level MarketingQnet Products and services

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          X Is MLM like Qnet scam ?

          If you will check Multi level marketing and MLM network stages you will see that MLM companies like Qnet are promising lot of money as you move up the pyramid. MLM/Qnet IR talks in millions of rupees / dollar. This actually excites the basic human desire of "Financial Independence" e.g. the money comes automatically and you do not need to work anymore.

          Nobody wants to work, lets accept it, everyone wants to drive an Audi, go for vacation, do foreign trips and that is what the MLM/Qnet IR talks about! That is what you want to hear and that is why one joins MLM networks and get scammed.

          Companies like Qnet use It's a powerful way to get fast cash! in their Compensation plan but also warns you in their TNC (Professional Marketing) thatQNet's business is not a 'get-rich-quick scheme'. Of course you are smart enough to make the right decision for "Is Qnet Scam or not" ?Is MLM like Qnet scam

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          • X

            Hi there ! ....and that was not an end , Qnet have had hired ORM firm to repair their reputaiton but they don't know the gaps are huge and cant filed by filing a few Fake DMCA complaints against news website like networkeye.com, IndianExpress.com and DeccanChronicle.com...

            The 4 fake DMCAs web activism explored are a piece of over twelve such DMCAs used to stifle the media, particularly in India. This crusade of evacuating focused on URLs reproachful of QNet scam and Michael Ferreira began in April 2016, is as yet going on.

            Thanks to the web activism , who has investigated and revealed the report .  

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