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9 years ago
Comment at Situation - normal power driven vessel port bow
if roc exists ...2 shrt blast ..alter braod to port ...

9 years ago
Comment at Fishing vessel anchored in restricted visibilty sound signals ?
1 prolonged blst followed by 2 shrt blsts... ...

9 years ago
Comment at In narrow channel why will you sound 1 prolonged blast if intervening obstruction exists ?
to indicate d presence of ur vsl to other vsl whch is nt visible cuz of obstruction or bend of channel. ...

9 years ago
Comment at How will you display 22.2 in flag signalling method ? you have only one 2 flag with substitutes and pendant ?

9 years ago
Comment at What is a tidal diamond what is its use ?
Tidal diamond is a symbol used on chart whch indicates by means of its reference in a table provided on chart;d set n drift of current at a particular time...basically so n so hrs before high ...

9 years ago
Comment at Situation - you are proceeding north and you see a north cardinal buoy. action
if u r proceeding north n u c NC mark..dat means u r already in proximity of point of interest or danger...bst action is to inform master and stop ur vsl immediately..plot ur position n chck wer ...

9 years ago
Comment at Limitations on ecdis ?
also... failure to update charts hardware failure software failure datum shift Imp. alarms nt set.. over reliance on ecdis Input from various equipmnts like gyro gps etc nt proper.. ...

9 years ago
Comment at Leading lights ?
dis is a type of light signal used basically in narrow channels and followed by vsl to keep herslf on a track so as to avoid groundin...basically it is very hlpful in coastal navigation... ...

9 years ago
Comment at What is long by chron ?
it is one of d method for obtainin fix by usin celestial objects..long by chron basially provides observed long of d fix whch is PL for d fix obtained... ...

9 years ago
Comment at How is turning circle helpful to you ?
it provides d maneuvering characteristics of d vsl in prevailin circumstnces n condition...n hlps OOW in taking timely action to avoid collision n strandin ...