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Redirect Users from original atom feed to feedburner feed

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    Redirect Users from original atom feed to feedburner feed


    You need to redirect the users from your original feed to the feedburner feed so that you can get accurate data of your subscribers. Consider this, if you do not redirect the users, then anyone can subscribe, not only through the feedburner feed but also your original feed.

    Care should be taken while redirecting and not to redirect the feedburner from your original feed back to feedburner, called recursive feed error, creating an infinite loop of redirection. Feedburner suggests you 2 options for redirecting @
    http://support.google.com/feedburner/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=78464&topic=13048&ctx=topic :

    htaccess files are files which tell your Apache server to do something when asked for. We are trying to tell apache to redirect any user who asks for syndication.php to my feedburner feed http://feeds.feedburner.com/Jahajee through the htaccesss file.
    Most of the times the Server has one htaccess file in its root folder, if not then you can open any text editor like notepad and write the code as mentioned in the above google support link. The text file needs to be named ".htaccess" and ensured to be uploaded in the root (www or public_html) folder. My htaccess file has the following code :
    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !^(FeedBurner|FeedValidator) [NC]
    RewriteRule ^syndication.php$ http://feeds.feedburner.com/Jahajee [L]

    The first line allows the htaccess to direct the Apache server
    The second line tells to redirect users if it is not feedburner or a feedvalidator from the original feed. [NC] is no case e.g. makes comparison case-insensitive (a or A will be treated same).
    The third line tells where to redirect the user e.g to your feedburner feed. [L] tells the last line and stop applying any more rules.

    The above mentioned google support link details this method very well with pictures. It requests to create two separate feeds for your website. You can tell the feedburner about original feed-1 and redirect the original feed-2 to feedburner feed. original feed-1 is known only to you and feedburner. original feed-2 is known to all. Rather than creating two feeds separately I would suggest to make one file to include in both PHP files (original feeds) so that changes can be made in one include file only.

    The question to ask however is, do you actually need to redirect Users from your original atom feed to feedburner feed. Who knows about your original feed URL anyways ! In my case I wrote a tutorial "How to make a Feed ?" hence almost all knows about my original atom feed address and users can subscribe through that too, but if you make your original feed and from start only you use the Feedburner feed and promote feedburner feed only, then how will your user know about your original feed URL ?

    Humm...anyways once your redirection works well, do not forget to check the "Troubleshootize" >> "FeedMedic" report in your Feedburner account regularly, so that in case of any error you could be notified.

    In short if your users do not know about your original feed URL then you may not need to redirect, else you will need to redirect your users from your original feeds to your Feedburner feed.

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      X Problem when redirecting original feed to Feedburner

      When I started redirecting user from my generated Atom feed to Feedburner feed I noticed that the Google Webmaster started showing error for the submitted sitemap. Later I found the Google Support Link addressing the issue @
       http://support.google.com/feedburner/bin/answer.py?hl=en& ;answer=97090&topic=13188&ctx=topic

      You can submit your feeds to Google webmaster as a sitemap for better indexing by Google and keeping them informed of your feed. Once you use Feedburner then you promote your feedburner feed URL, but if your user knows about the original feed then you need to redirect your user to the feedburner feed only as told before.

      The problem is that the Googlebot too will be redirected to your Feedburner feed resulting in an error in your sitemap report. Personally I generate the Sitemap with latest Links and so I deleted my atom feed from the submitted sitemap without much problem. You cannot use feedburner feed as sitemap (mentioned in the above link). The only option is to give Google Webmaster the correct feed url which does not redirect. This could only be done if you have an  alternative hidden feed file as mentioned in Redirect Users from original atom feed to feedburner feed. Hope this helps someone.  

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